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10 Best Christmas Movies You Can Enjoy with the Whole Family This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year has began and one of the best ways to enjoy the cold weather is to sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and indulge in classic Christmas movie favorites. Here’s a list of best Christmas movies that will keep you entertained.

Home Alone (1990)

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A Paris vacation could have been great for the McCallister clan only, they left Kevin, an 8-year old kid, home alone by accident. Fortunately for them, Kevin is a smart kid and was able to easily adjust with his situation. When the McCallister property became the perfect target for two burglars, Kevin will use his witty pranks to keep the bad guys away.

Elf (2003)

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Released only 15 years ago, Elf easily became a Christmas classic. Buddy the Elf just learned that he is actually human so he made his way to Manhattan to spend Christmas with his family. While New York is a great place to celebrate the holiday season, can Santa’s helper keep up? Or will he go back up to Santa’s workshop?

Frozen (2013)

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The story of a little girl with chilling power and is able to turn everything around her into ice is definitely one of the best Christmas movies. Afraid to hurt her sister again and anyone around her, Elsa locked herself in her room never to come out until she’s of the right age. Unfortunately, things went awry that very same day. The sisters Elsa and Anna together with Olaf, the friendly snowman who loves summer, must work together to end the eternal winter.

Jack Frost (1998)

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A heartwarming story of a young boy who is dealing with the lost of his father. This is definitely not a merry Christmas for little Jack as the car accident claimed the life of his rockstar father. Things changed when Jack noticed the family snowman in the front lawn showing some life-like features. Learning that the snowman is actually his reincarnated father, this gives both of them another chance to make their father and son relationship stronger.

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Arthur Christmas (2011)

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This answers the question of most of us – how can Santa deliver all the gifts in just one night? The answer is a silent spaceship camouflaged as a cluster of stars and the elf of millions of high-tech elves. However, one gift slipped and for Arthur, Santa’s youngest son, this could be the end of Christmas magic. Now, it is up to Arthur, a rebel elf and the grumpy old GrandSanta to deliver the gift to it’s little recipient. With time ticking in, some untrained reindeers and a sleigh, will the three of them make it?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

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This Christmas classic will give you a major throwback. A story of a young elf and Rudolph. This is technically a TV special that aired yearly since its first release in 1964.

Gremlins (1984)

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Every child wants a pet and for this teen from a small town, a furry creature as a Christmas gift is a perfect present. Unfortunately, he broke three important rules about his new pet which released a horde of terrifying little creatures. Can he correct his mistake nd bring these creatures back to where they belong?

The Polar Express (2004)

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A young boy found a magical train parked outside his home. He head off for an enchanting adventure as he learned that he was picked up to receive a special Christmas present. His journey gave him a lot of lessons and one of them is about discovering that the wonders of life does not fade for everyone who believes. All he wished for was the silver bell. Can he take this bell home?

The Year a Without Santa (1974)

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A real classic and totally one of the most unforgettable and best Christmas movies. This is the year when Santa decides to take a break on December 24th. It is after his doctor visit where he was told that he needs to make some changes with his routine. What happens now to the kids who await for their special gift?

The Santa Clause (1994)

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What happens when Santa crashed on your roof? This single dad is ready to take over Santa’s job and continue to keep the holiday spirit alive while his ex-wife and her new husband are not very fond of the holiday.

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