Most Pirated Movies 2016

7 Most Pirated Movies of 2016

With torrenting/downloading/pirating movies hitting the headlines around the world for the huge number of users undertaking these so-called illegal activities, we thought we’d take a look at 7 of the most downloaded movies of 2016. Care to guess which ones topped the list?

If you guessed Deadpool, you were right. TorrentFreak compiles both weekly and yearly lists of the most pirated movies which we’ve extracted the data from.

Here is a list of the most pirated movies in 2016:

RankMovieRelease DateGross RevenueBudget
1Deadpool11 February 2016$783,770,709 $58,000,000
2Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 25 March 2016$868,160,194 $250,000,000
3Captain America Civil War 6 May 2016$1,151,684,349 $250,000,000
4Star Wars The Force Awakens 18 December 2015$2,068,223,624 $306,000,000
5X-Men Apocalypse 9 May 2016$542,742,489 $178,000,000
6Warcraft 24 May 2016$433,125,655 $160,000,000
7Independence Day: Resurgence 24 June 2016$387,644,286 $165,000,000
8Suicide Squad 5 August 2016$746,100,054 $175,000,000
9Finding Dory 17 June 2016$1,022,617,376 $200,000,000
10The Revenant 8 January 2016$532,950,503 $135,000,000

Those are some damn big numbers there. And some huge profits as well! No wonder people don’t seem to find downloading these films hundreds and thousands of times across the world!

We did a bit of math and found the average profit for each of the movies above is $665,005,923. PROFIT! We’ll say it again, those are some damn big numbers!

As you can see from the list above, there is only a slight correlation between the gross earnings and their position in the top torrented list. Very slight.

As well, the total figures have not taken into account the movie’s release date. Meaning Star Wars The Force Awakens had nearly a year to build up its download numbers whilst Suicide Squad had less than half a year. Maybe Suicide Squad would’ve topped the list if it had the same amount of time? Who knows…

Deadpool Most Pirated 2016

Lastly, this is the first year in which TorrentFreak has decided not to report an estimate of the total downloads of each movie for the year. Here’s their reasoning:

Due to various changes in the torrent index/tracker landscape it’s become more challenging to monitor downloads, so a ranked overview makes [the] most sense.

Anyway, there’s the list! Make of it what you will, and expect to be reading another in a years time.

Until then, feel free to browse some of our other awesome articles on everything movies!

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