AMC Theater Rental – We Tried it Out!

What You Need to Know About AMC Theater Rentals

AMC Theatres is one of the most popular movie theater chains in America. They offer a variety of ways to rent their theaters for a private showing, from weekday nights to weekend matinees. Whether you want to watch a new release or an old classic, there are plenty of options to choose from for a private theatre rental!

But how much is an AMC Theater Rental? And what are the benefits? To help you make an informed decision, here’s everything you need to know about renting out a private AMC theatre for yourself!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an AMC Theater?

AMC private screening pricing varies based on 5 conditions:

  1. Theater location
  2. Room size
  3. Day of week
  4. Time of day
  5. Type of movie

A theater in LA or New York will be more expensive than one in Baton Rouge. Weekends will typically be more expensive, as will evenings versus afternoons. New release movies will cost more than classics. And larger auditoriums will cost more.

In a low-cost area, a weekday afternoon rental for a movie that has been out for a few weeks or a classic movie, at a theater that seats up to 20 guests, you could expect to pay from $119-$199.

More urban areas will be more expensive. For instance, the theater we went to near Atlanta, GA seated up to 40 people, and the price was $359 for a new release (classic movies were $289).

Here are current typical prices we were able to find:

New Releases

Theater Size Low Cost High Cost
Seats 1-20 $99 $219
Seats 1-40 $219 $599

Classic Movies

Theater Size Low Cost High Cost
Seats 1-20 $99 $199
Seats 1-40 $249 $489

We gathered these numbers by sampling various theaters around the US.

Taxes will be added, and there is a $4.99 convenience fee. If you are an AMC Stubs member, convenience fees may be waived.

You can add food and drinks in advance or order them from the concession stand on the day of your movie. Ordering concessions in advance can be a pain if it’s a group of friends since the reservation is on one credit card. If everyone is responsible for buying their own food and drinks, it’s easier to just get them the day of the showing.

Your best bet for the lowest price is if you can find an afternoon time slot during the week.

How To Rent a Room for an AMC Private Theatre Rental

One thing AMC has done very well is make it easy to rent a theater for a private showing: it can be done easily online. While the UI is easy to navigate, you may need to spend some time switching days and theaters to find a time that works for you because each theater has a limited number of times available for private screenings, and we found that they are often sold out a week or more in advance – especially around the holidays and in the summer.

Benefits of AMC Theater Rentals

The benefits of renting out an AMC Theater are plentiful. Here are the top 3 in our opinion:

  1. You get to choose what movie you want to watch! You can see a new release or an old classic on the big screen without having to buy a ticket or wait in line. And if you’re not sure what movie to watch, AMC has theater listings online with trailers so you can be sure you’ll find something that’s exciting!
  2. Obviously, the coolness factor of having an entire auditorium to yourself. And you get to control who is in the theater with you!
  3. It’s super easy with AMC. Everything is online and real-time. You don’t need to submit a form, or call and work with an event planner. It’s truly just as easy as planning to see a movie like normal.

Cons of AMC Theater Rentals

AMC private rentals can be a bit more expensive than other theater chains. And while booking is easy, because it’s such a popular feature, it can be tough to find a day and time that will work for a large group of people unless you’re booking it for an organization or business outing and can go during a weekday afternoon.

Another con is that you are only admitted into your theater 15 minutes prior to the show and everyone in the party needs to be there. If anyone is going to show up late, you’ll need to let the theater know. It would be nice if you could have some time to socialize with friends before the movie, but since a number of AMC theaters now have bars or more social areas, you could at least do that in the public area while waiting for your auditorium.

Is an AMC Private Theatre Rental a Good Deal?

We absolutely think it was. For us it ended up being about $15 per ticket. Which for the area, isn’t much more than the cost for a typical ticket. But our theater held up to 40 people, and we only had 25, so it would have been around $10 per ticket if we’d maxed out capacity. We had the entire theater room to ourselves, which made the experience pretty awesome. We felt like royalty!

The booking process was very simple, the costs were known up-front, and we could navigate between dates and times very easily. It really wasn’t any more difficult than buying a regular movie ticket.

Many AMC dine-in theaters also allow you to rent a private theater.


Which AMC Locations Offer Private Rentals?

Currently about half (over 550) of AMC locations allow private screen rentals. The most updated list can be found at

Can You Rent a Movie Theater for $100?

In 2020 while businesses were trying to navigate earning income during the early phase of COVID-19, AMC offered $99 private theater rentals, but they have since discontinued that, and the prices are typically a lot more now. The good news is that today you have a better selection of new releases to choose from.

Is There an AMC Private Theater Rental Movie List?

The movies offered will vary at each theatre, and the selection is a mix of new and current releases as well as classic and seasonal movies. A private theatre rental for a classic or seasonal movie will cost less than for new releases.

Can I Use AMC Stubs Points for a Private AMC Theater Rental?

If you are an AMC Stubs Premiere or A-List member, you can. You cannot use points if you are at the free AMC Stubs Insider tier.

Do I earn Stubs Points for a Private Theater Rental at AMC?

Yes! This is awesome. Imagine hundreds of dollars worth of Stubs points hitting your account! If you’re not an AMC Stubs member, check out or review of everything AMC Stubs and AMC Premiere have to offer.

How do I rent a private movie theater?

It’s easy to do on AMC’s website.

Check out our other article on how you can rent a movie theater from almost every chain in the US, from Regal to Cinemark to Studio Movie Grill.

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