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Avengers 4: Thrilling Fan Theories You Need to Know

Avengers: Infinity War broke the hearts of Marvel fans as we saw billions of people turned into dust including half of their beloved galaxy heroes. But, a leaked Reddit Avengers 4 trailer shows that the Avengers are back. Will things turn good or get worse? The post mysteriously disappeared but what did it leave us?

The intriguing Avengers 4 trailer tickled the imagination of the excited fans giving us theories that make us want to pull the next six months closer.

Transported into The Quantum Realm

The Law of Conservation of Mass tells us that matter cannot be created or destroyed. This explains why the victim of Thanos’ snap did not just get wiped out. They slowly turned into dust.

We’ve seen Marvel stressed out the power and importance of the Soul Stone. If half of the population of the universe died, what happened to their soul? Are those really in the Soul Stone?

The Quantum Realm
Quantum Realm

This popular fan theory suggests that the souls of the dead Avengers, as well as the other living beings, got transported into the Quantum Realm. It is said that this was clearly shown in the post-credits scene of the Ant-Man & the Wasp. Could the mysterious healing particles that Scott Lang is supposed to collect be the key? Remember, nothing in the Quantum Realm is accidental.

Eitri’s Significant Role

The remaining Avengers are surely going to need some help and Peter Dinklage’s role as Eitri could be more important than we thought.

It was 2017 when the news about Dinklage joining MCU circulated. It was confirmed when he appeared as Eitri, the dwarf capable of creating the universe’s powerful weapons like Thor’s Mjolnir and Stormbreaker as well as Thanos’ Gauntlet. He is thought to appear in two Avengers movie. The King of Dwarves has only been seen in one movie.

Source: Reddit

When the Mad Titan visited the Nidavellir, Eitri was forced to create his Gauntlet in fear of the 300 dwarves getting harmed. Nonetheless, Thanos killed the dwarves and left Eitri to live alone. Not only that, he destroyed his crafty hands. Could it be that Eitri lived after Thanos snapped his fingers? Is the person that Rocket called as the creator of the “most powerful, horrific weapons to ever torment the universe” hold a key role to victory?

A Happy Ending for Captain America

MCU clarifies that Chris Evans’ tweet, which apparently sounds like saying goodbye, does not mean that Captain America will die. Evans signed six films with Marvel where three were solo films and the other three ensembles. Sadly, Avengers 4 is his last movie with MCU.

We have witnessed Captain America’s major roles in the Avengers since Captain America: The First Avenger. However, his role in Avengers: Infinity War cannot be considered as a huge one. Is this a way to slowly end Evans’ role as Captain America? Will he get a happy ending?

Captain A
Source: Marvel Philippines

A fan theory proposed that the film will end by having Steve Rogers travel back in time and find happiness with his beloved Peggy Carter. From the Quantum Realm to Steve Roger’s past, Avengers 4 plot must have included a lot of time traveling.

These remarkable fan theories keep Avengers 4 interesting! Did we mention that the leaked Reddit trailer shows Avengers 4: Annihilation as the film title? It does sound incredible if it’s true. We will only know for sure once the official trailer has been released.

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