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Event Cinemas is one of the most popular theatre chains in Australia. They own and operate more than 60 locations throughout Australia, with more than 75% located in Queensland and New South Wales. One of the reasons they rank high on Australian’s list is simply because their ticket prices are more than reasonable.

Below are latest Event Cinemas prices:



Child$15.00 - $17.00
Adult$20.00 - $23.00
Student/Pensioner$16.50 - $18.50
Senior$14.50 - $17.50

Gold Class (afternoon)

Child$28.00 - $32.00
Adult$28.00 - $32.00
Student/Pensioner$28.00 - $32.00
Senior$28.00 - $32.00

Gold Class (evening)

Child$38.00 - $42.00
Adult$38.00 - $42.00
Student/Pensioner$38.00 - $42.00
Senior$38.00 - $42.00


VMAX Movie

Child$18.50 - $20.50
Adult$23.50 - $25.50
Student/Pensioner$20.50 - $22.50
Senior$18.00 - $20.00


Child$19.00 - $21.00
Adult$24.00 - $26.00
Student/Pensioner$21.00 - $23.00
Senior$18.50 - $20.50

Gold Class ATMOS

Child$40.00 - $44.00
Adult$40.00 - $44.00
Student/Pensioner$40.00 - $44.00
Senior$40.00 - $44.00

A surcharge of $3 is applied to each of the ticket prices above for a 3D screening.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Event Cinemas Experiences

Event Cinemas Logo

Did you know, during the five years between 1906 and 1911, Australia had the highest output of feature films in the world! Just a fun fact we thought you may be interested in.

Over the course of the past century, Event Cinemas has been involved in a number of mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations which we’re sure would bore you to death. All you need to know is during those years, the company has gone on to profoundly influence the movie industry in Australia and its culture along with it.

However! For those who are interested in deciphering a bit further into their history, feel free to check out their Wiki page.

Gold Class

One of Event Cinema’s most widely known experiences available. Gold Class is next level luxury for the complete movie experience.

Each cinema has a maximum capacity of around 30-40 people, making sure the atmosphere remains intimate and limiting the number of chip-bag crunching maniacs around you.

Also, there’s no need to line up early anymore – they state each cinema is set up in such a way “making every seat literally the best in the house.

Of course, luxury isn’t only about the seats. You’ll never have to leave the seats either. With one hit of a button, a waiter will soon be by your side ready to take your order. Gourmet food tickle your fancy? No problem. How about a high-class martini? They’ve got you covered. Gotta be over 18 for the second one though!


Similar to Hoyts’ Extreme Screen, Event Cinemas have named their own huge screens V-Max instead of Xtreme Screens. You may note the other popular cinema chain in Australia, Village Cinemas also have V-MAX ticket pricing options.

So – what is V-Max exactly? Power. That’s what it is. 20m digital screens, surround sound audio you’re ears will be orgasming over, and stadium-style seating which doesn’t skimp on comfort.

If you’re up for it, we’d highly recommend upgrading your ticket for the V-Max option. The small increase in price is well worth it. Even if you just check it out once!

Rewards with Cinebuzz

Cinebuzz is a unique membership program in the fact it’s tailored depending on who you are, and what you’re after. There is the generic membership program, one for students, another for seniors, a VIP option, chicks at the flicks, and the Cinebuzz crew.

Event Cinemas Australia Ticket Discounts

Here are a few of the perks for the student option:

  • Points awarded for every ticket your purchase
  • Special discounts on ticket each week
  • Opportunity to view movies ahead of their official release
  • $10 tickets Monday – Thursday

Compare it to the one specifically for senior citizens:

  • Screenings during the morning with food and beverages
  • Free breakfast with any bookings at Rydges Hotels & Resorts
  • Discounted tours available at the Sydney State Theatre
  • Points earned go towards FREE tickets
  • $9 movie tickets EVERY DAY!

Pretty awesome benefits!

Feel free to check out the full list of benefits, and maybe even join here.

Ticket Discounts and Promotions

Promotions! Specials! Discounts! Whatever you want to call them, Event Cinemas has them. Generally, most of the promotions offered by the cinema revolve around the current movies on screens.

For example, they are currently giving away a dress inspired by Belle from Beauty and the Beast as well as a chance to win 1 of 6 racetrack experiences with the Fate of the Furious movie.

If you’re keen on staying up to date with their promotions, we recommend you head here and sign up.

Popular Locations

We were pretty blown away at how popular some of Event’s locations are. Tens of thousands, maybe even more than a hundred thousand at some locations, visit some of their locations each month. That’s a huge amount of movie watching time!

So, we decided to dig a little deeper. You may or may not know, but we like to find which locations are their most popular and make them even more popular.

Without further ado, here are Event Cinemas most popular locations:

  • Event Cinemas Innaloo – 3.6/5 from 520 reviews – 57 Liege St, Innaloo WA 6018
  • Event Cinemas Robina – 3.6/5 from 127 reviews – Robina Town Centre, Lido Promenade, Robina QLD 4230
  • Event Cinemas Chermside – 3.7/5 from 168 reviews – Westfield Chermside, Gympie Rd, Chermside QLD 4032
  • Event Cinemas Glendale – 4.1/5 from 122 reviews – Stockland Glendale Shopping Centre, Stockland Glendale, 387 Lake Rd, Glendale NSW 2285
  • Event Cinemas Miranda – 3.7/5 from 99 reviews – Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway, Miranda NSW 2228
  • Event Cinemas Parramatta – 3.3/5 from 237 reviews – Westfield Parramatta, 159-175 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

Pretty solid ratings across the board! Glendale stands out a bit above the rest, though, with an average rating nearly 0.5 stars higher than any other on the list.

Let’s dive even further in a read a few of the reviews left by previous movie-goers:

Come here on a regular basis, earlier this week had a lady serve us and she was absolutely complimentary! She was well at up selling products and had stunned me with sweetness after saying that my boyfriend and i were a lovely couple. Biggest highlight of my day so big thanks to her! First class was a delight along with the film! – Sheridan Tui

Love the new cinema look and all the new theatres especially the Vmax cinemas. More seating and leg room, bigger screens and the extra arm rests means I don’t touch the other person seating next to me, love it. There is restaurants and cafe places all around it and parking on the roof top right next to it. Go and enjoy it will blow your mind away, cheers. – Frank Partlic

Very good prices and the theatres are mostly well maintained. Have had the odd sticky seat/floor but 9/10 times it’s great and not packed. Food and drink prices are exorbitant though but I expect nothing less from a cinema. – Tim Mackey

Besides the attack on food prices (we couldn’t agree more), most seem pretty happy with their movie experience at Event Cinemas.


As you can see, Event Cinemas offers some of the world’s leading movie experiences at all of their locations around Australia. It’s no surprise many of their cinemas are extremely popular, as they’ve kept their ticket prices to an extremely valuable level.

If you’re in the vacinity of two competing cinema chains, and Event Cinemas is one of them, you know who we’d recommend.

For more information about Event Cinemas, visit their official website.

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