Halloween to Have a Very Profitable Weekend Opening

Michael Myers is back this October with a movie that is believed to break the franchise record. Universal Pictures didn’t set to have high expectations for Halloween with a $50 million forecast but reports say that it is most likely to earn $65 to $70 million this weekend of October 19.

The most awaited Halloween movie is set to play in almost 4,000 theaters in the US and about 21 international territories. The only known competitors are Venom and A Star is Born as no other major studio is set to release a movie this weekend. The film’s budget is said to be $10 million, so what should you expect from this chilling movie?

Laurie Strode is a frightened girl no more!

Laurie, now living in the remote woods, has no interest in talking. However, she can’t simply turn away from easy money as she became the next target of interview of the crime reporters. But, when the questions become too personal, she just simply dismiss them.

Source: Drafthouse Cinema

After surviving the horrific experience a couple of decades ago, Laurie believes that Michael will return one day. She trained and meticulously prepared for this day every day of her life.

Upon learning that Michael has escaped the night of the bus accident, Laurie transformed into an ass-kicking, gun-toting grandmother. A scream queen turned into her family’s hero; she is now ready to protect her family. It’s payback time!

Get ready to scream!

Source: Rolling Stone

Director David Gordon Green and the screenwriters Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley prepared what seemed to be the first sequel from the 1978 film. This is a horror classic remake that you wouldn’t want to miss.

It has been 40 years since Laurie Strode barely made it out of the hands of pure evil. Now, Michael Myers is back to Haddonfield, Illinois and he is after the only one who made it. Prepare yourself as Michael learned hard lessons on retribution. How can this grandma fight the evil head on?

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