Hoyts Ticket Prices (NZ)

Hoyts New Zealand is one of the most popular movie theatre companies in the country. They have a wide range of locations across both the South Island and the North Island. Below the table of Hoyt’s ticket prices, you’ll find a range of information including a brief history of Hoyts in New Zealand, as well as a few of their specific locations.

Here are the latest Hoyts ticket prices in New Zealand:



Children$10.50 - $15.50
Adults$16.50 - $21.50
Seniors $10.50 - $15.00
Student / Concession$13.50 - $19.00
Family (3)$36.00 - $46.50
Family (4)$44.00 - $58.00

Movies (Tuesday)

Children$10.50 - $12.50
Adults $11.00 - $13.00
Seniors $8.00 - $10.50
Student / Concession$10.50 - $12.50


Xtreme Screen

Children$14.50 - $17.00
Adults $21.50 - $22.50
Seniors $14.50 - $17.00
Student / Concession$19.00 - $20.50

Xtreme Screen (Tuesday)

Children$14.50 - $16.00
Adults $14.50 - $16.00
Seniors $14.50 - $16.00
Student / Concession$14.50 - $16.00

LUX (Peak)

Adults $35.00
Seniors $35.00
Student / Concession$35.00

LUX (Mid Peak)

Adults $32.00
Seniors $32.00
Student / Concession$32.00

LUX (Tuesday)

Adults $30.00
Seniors $30.00
Student / Concession$30.00

LUX 3D (Tuesday)

Adults $33.00
Seniors $33.00
Student / Concession$33.00

3D Movies*

Adults $21.00
Seniors $13.50
Student / Concession$18.00
Family (3)43.00
Family (4)57.00

*Hoyts 3D Movies requires special glasses to be worn. These can be purchased for $1 at the counter if you need a pair.


Adults $28.00
Seniors $21.00
Student / Concession$25.00

D-BOX (Tuesday)

Adults $22.00
Seniors $20.50
Student / Concession$22.00


Adults $31.00
Seniors $24.00
Student / Concession$28.00

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Prices were last updated on 10 March 2017.

Hoyts New Zealand

Hoyts Prices New Zealand

Hoyts was originally owned by Twentieth Century Fox who went on to sell the business to four businessmen in Melbourne in 1982. From there, the cinema company expanded its operation to include countries among which New Zealand was one.

Today, Hoyts New Zealand manages 10 locations across the country including Mission Bay, Takapuna, Botany Downs (LUX), Northlands, Riccarton, Sylvia Park (LUX), Te Awa (LUX), Wairau Park, and Metro by Hoyts in Hamilton.

Auckland has the highest concentration of Hoyt’s locations, with five in and around the CBD. Follow by Christchurch on the South Island with two separate Hoyts locations.

Those LUX acronyms you see after a few of the Hoyts locations indicate the cinema offers a premium version with in-cinema dining. On the menu you’ll find items such as Buffalo Chicken for NZD $19, Pulled Pork Nachos for NZD $19, Onion Rings for NZD $8.50, and even Smashed Pavlova as a dessert for NZD $18. See here to find more information about LUX Hoyts in New Zealand.

Children are also able to have pre-booked birthday parties with Hoyts in Sylvia Park, Wairau Park and Riccarton in Christchurch all offering dedicated party rooms as well for the children. They even provide some awesome custom-made part invitations to save you the hassle of creating your own! Find out more information about Hoyt’s birthday parties here.

Vouchers & Ticket Discounts

Hoyts are famous for the gift cards and vouchers, especially in New Zealand. They are a great gift to give as we all know, everyone loves movies! Gift cards can be used to purchase movies and food/drink from the concession bar, whilst the vouchers can only be used to redeem a movie ticket. All details regarding the gift store can be found here.

You can follow Hoyts New Zealand on these social media platforms:

Hoyts Berkeley Mission Bay and Berkeley Takapuna both offer discounted Hoyt’s ticket prices from Sunday – Wednesday. 2D movies are just $10.90 whilst 3D are $13.90. Please note, 3D glasses are not included and if you’re booking online, there’s an extra $1.20 fee.

Hoyts Hibiscus Coast has gone one step further and offered the above movie ticket prices – all day, every day! Check out their offer here.

Various Hoyts’ across New Zealand also have a range of festivals and events which are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area. For example, Hoyts in Riccarton, Sylvia Park and Te Awa, are having a TED Cinema Experience on the 3-10 May 2017. More information on certain events can be found here.

If you’d like to get in contact directly with the Hoyts support team in New Zealand, call 0500-844-6987. They’re open from 11:00 am – 11:00 pm NZDT.

Cinema Technology

New Zealand Hoyts are proud to offer some of the most advanced cinema technology currently available in the world. At select locations around the country, you’ll may find options to upgrade your ticket to a 3D experience, Xtremescreen, or the latest D-BOX adventure.

We all know and love 3D movies, and we know they aren’t going anywhere for a while. As you’ve seen above in the price table, 3D tickets for movies at Hoyts will generally cost you a bit more. You’ll also need to purchase special glasses for $1 if you don’t already have them.

On their 3D page, Hoyts encourages the use of re-using your 3D glasses to save the environment & save a dollar.

Reuse your 3D glasses and help us reduce our carbon footprint, help preserve the environment and save $1 by not having to buy them next time!

If you haven’t yet seen a movie on an Xtremescreen, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s pure movie entertainment at its biggest and loudest available format. 10,000 watts of Dolby 8 Channel Surround EX Sound combined with the ultra massive movie screen may literally blow you away.

Hoyts NZ Xtremescreen

Sylvia Park, Riccarton, Botany Downs, and Te Awa all have Xtremescreens ready to go for when the next blockbuster is released in New Zealand.

Lastly, the world famous D-BOX is available at a single location – Te Awa. If you have the chance, we wholeheartedly recommend you taking a small trip and experiencing next level movie action for yourself.

D-BOX at Hoyts is basically a roller coaster for movies. How so? The chairs move. Sideways, forwards, backwards, upwards, frontwards, and vibrationwards. All that goodness directly in-sync with what’s happening on the screen. You couldn’t get closer to a movie if you tried.

Of course, with such high-tech technology being used, ticket prices for D-BOX are considerably higher than standard 2D films on a regular screen. Is it worth it? There’s only one way to find out!

Did we mention Te Awa’s D-BOX screen is the only one in New Zealand? AND the only one in all of Australasia! (Australia doesn’t even have any yet!) You can find out more about the D-BOX technology here.


As you can see, Hoyts is one of the leading cinemas in New Zealand when it comes to providing state-of-the-art technology for the ultimate movie experience.

Ticket prices do vary depending on the time of week, and the type of movie your watching. So it’s best to make sure you know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the ticket before you get a nasty surprise at the theatre.

For more information, you can visit Hoyt’s New Zealand website here.

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