Inferno: Just Suspend Disbelief and Enjoy the Ride

When you want a movie, especially one based on published fiction, you have to suspend disbelief and just enjoy the ride. This is the case with Inferno, the latest film from Dan Brown, Ron Howard, and Tom Hanks, the trio behind The Da Vinci Code as well as Angels & Demons. The trilogy of films has been divisive – you either love it or hate it but you still want to watch it because, well, it’s Tom Hanks!

Anger Even Before the Film Premieres

Even before the original film in the trilogy, The Da Vinci Code, was first shown in theaters like Carmike, it already made many people angry for many reasons. Catholics derided it for heresy, the Opus Dei decried its negative depiction, and the fans of Dan Brown’s novel were riled up in their expectation of an inferior film.

This was also true for the 200 film, Angels & Demons, which fans also said will not be good as The Da Vinci Code. And to think that it was actually better in terms of entertainment, action, and dialogue than its predecessor!  

In the case of Inferno, the anger may have been substantially dissipated because it’s just fiction, after all. But when the audiences saw the film in its entirety, the anger was replaced by a general sense of annoyance.

Why? The film is entertaining in its own way but it’s scattered in its structure, silly in its premises, and so un-sexy in its romantic angle.

Watchable Film, Nonetheless

With that being said, it’s still one of the more enjoyable films of 2016 for many reasons. You just have to search for the things that hold the film together, so to speak, instead of it sliding down to B-movie oblivion in comparison with The Da Vinci Code.

First, the earnest efforts of the A-list cast to give their roles, no matter how small, justice deserves an A. Tom Hanks once again plays Robert Langdon, a Harvard professor of symbology whose brilliance in solving riddles in the first two films virtually carried them.

He’s such a good actor that he’s able to maintain a balance between establishing Landon as the smartest man in the movie yet still make him the most likable of the lot, too. You’re going to watch the movie if only to watch Hanks do what he does best – be the everyman hero no matter the film’s premise.  

Second, the film’s still the work of Dan Brown, the novelist whose imagination melds the old myths with urban legends resulting in more questions for the audience than scientists can answer.  

Again, it’s best to just go along for the ride and enjoy the film as it is instead of being annoyed by the silliness of it all.  

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