Maya Cinemas Ticket Prices

When you compare Maya Cinemas ticket prices with the benefits associated with them, you’ll likely never stop watching movies with them! Keep in mind Maya Cinemas rewards program is amongst the most generous in the industry. Simply present your rewards card at the time of your ticket purchase at any Maya Cinemas location. More details on this below.

The more tickets your purchase, the more points you’ll accumulate. You should have an easy time building up points considering the affordable ticket prices as follows:

AgeTicket Price

Movies (matinee)

Children$7.00 - $7.50
Adult$7.00 - $7.50
Senior$7.00 - $7.50

Movies (evening)

Children$7.00 - $7.50
Adult$10.00 - $10.50
Senior$7.00 - $7.50

3D Movies (matinee)

Children$9.00 - $9.50
Adult$9.00 - $9.50
Senior$9.00 - $9.50


3D Movies (evening)

Children$9.00 - $9.50
Adult$12.00 - $12.50
Senior$9.00 - $9.50

ATMOS (matinee)

Children$8.00 - $8.50
Adult$8.00 - $8.50
Senior$8.00 - $8.50

ATMOS (evening)

Children$8.00 - $8.50
Adult$11.00 - $11.50
Senior$8.00 - $8.50

MPX (matinee)

Children$9.50 - $10.00
Adult$10.00 - $10.50
Senior$9.50 - $10.00

MPX (evening)

Children$9.00 - $9.50
Adult$12.00 - $12.50
Senior$9.00 - $9.50

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

New Entrant to the Industry

Maya Cinemas Logo

The Maya Cinema chain of movie theaters is a relatively new to the industry compared with some of the 100-year-old chains around the country. The first Maya multiplex, a 14-screen theater, was opened in 2005 in Salinas, California by Moctesuma Esparza. From there, the company went on to open another 16 cinema multiplexes in the State of California with dozens more scheduled for opening in Texas.

Maya Cinemas’ expansion plans include the development of a chain of megaplex movie theaters focused on giving moviegoers the highest quality experience possible. Most of its planned cinema complexes are either in new or redevelopment market areas.

However, they have since reduced the number of theaters they operate, bringing their total down to only 4 locations – all located in California.

Strong Latino Focus

The company also plans on opening movie theaters in areas with a strong Latino presence. Even its concession menu include Latino favorites, such as churros and burritos, along with the traditional snacks. Many movies shown at Maya cinemas are accompanied with Spanish subtitles to cater to the Latino market while all of the theaters have a Mayan motive.

Its tag line – Mystery. Magic. Myth. Movies – attests to its focus on giving its target customers a movie experience which will figuratively transport them to another world. You can be sure that the first-rate Hollywood movies shown on Maya Cinema’s ultra-large screens will do the trick.

Dolby Atmos and D-Box Advantage

And to enhance the transported-to-another-world experience, Maya Cinemas are equipped with Dolby ATMOS technology. The technology allows filmmakers to position and move the sounds exactly where they want – at the side, on the front, and even overhead. The purpose is to increase the impact of every scene based on the audio and, thus, heighten the sense of realism of being part of the movie.

Emphasis should be further made on the fact that Dolby Atmos technology has more than ten times the projection of the standard 5.1 surround sound in other theaters. This enhances the crispness and clarity of both the dialogues and the music, which means the opportunity to create a life-like ambiance.

Dolby ATMOS at Maya Cinemas

Why stop with the improved audio experience? Maya Cinemas’ theaters also have D-Box technology equipped their Bakersfield location, a feature you’ll enjoy to the fullest – especially with fantasy, action, and adventure films.

D-Box technology uses three type of movement, namely, roll, heave, and subtle pitch, for gentle yet noticeable movements while you are seated. Your seat will move forwards and backwards, up and down, and from side to side. When you combine the vivid video images on the screen with the crisp sound and gentle movements, you will have one of the best movie viewing experiences of your life!

Maya’s Locations

Normally, we like to take a look at a few of the most popular locations from each cinema in order to gauge just how popular they are.

As Maya Cinemas only has four locations, we may as well list them all whilst providing a brief overview of their location and how previous movie-goers rate their experience.

Here’s what we found:

  • Maya Cinemas Salinas 14 – 4.3/5 from 173 reviews -153 Main St, Salinas, CA
  • Maya Cinemas Bakersfield 16 – 4.6/5 from 429 reviews – 1000 California Ave, Bakersfield, CA
  • Maya Cinemas Pittsburg Century Plaza 16 – 4.5/5 from 154 reviews – Century Plaza Shopping Center, 4085 Century Blvd, Pittsburg, CA
  • Maya Cinemas Fresno 16 – 4.7/5 from 405 reviews – 3090 E Campus Pointe Dr, Fresno, CA

As you can see, each of their locations has maintained an extremely high customer satisfaction rating over the past few years.

We can only assume management has made a good decision by choosing to focus their efforts on fewer locations.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews customer left:

Quick efficient service. Never had any issues of noisy people while movie is on. Good selection of movies. Good popcorn! – Caroline Perry

Cutting edge movie theatre. Nice seats. Loved the covered parking and solar panels. Like how big and impressive the lobby is. Seem to be implementing new technologies to make movie watching even more immersive. – Betsy Olsson-Mackowski

This is my favorite movies spot. Really love the seating very nice and comfortable. Enjoy the kind helpful young men and women behind the food stand. The security actually are equipped love that. Have never had an issue here even leaving late night with or without kids. Large bathrooms clean and supplied. Thanks maya your sound system and gigantic screens blow me away – Hilda Hayden

Just about every review left on their pages follow the same structure. All are extremely happy with their choice to visit Maya!

If you’re yet to make the decisions also, we recommend you get down to one as soon as possible.

For more information about Maya Cinemas, visit their official website.

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