Muvico Ticket Prices

Muvico ticket prices are no longer set by Muvico as they are now completely owned by Carmike Cinemas. There are only two Muvico branded cinemas left – one on Rosemount, Chicago, and another in Thousand Oaks, California. Muvico’s locations in Florida have been sold off and rebranded as either AMC or Cinemark.

Here is the list of ticket prices for Muvico theaters:



Child (3-11 years)$8.50 - $9.50
Adult$11.50 - $12.50
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.00
Military Discount (with valid ID)*0% - 20%
Student Discount (with valid ID)*0% - 20%

*Please contact your local Muvico to confirm discounts before purchasing.

Movies (matinee)

Child (3-11 years)$8.50 - $9.50
Adult$9.00 - $10.00
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.00

Movies (Tuesday)

Child (3-11 years)$5.00 - $6.00
Adult$5.00 - $6.00
Senior (60+)$5.00 - $6.00


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3D Movies

Child (3-11 years)$12.00 - $13.00
Adult$15.00 - $16.00
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $12.50

3D Movies (matinee)

Child (3-11 years)$12.00 - $13.00
Adult$12.50 - $13.50
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $12.50

3D Movies (Tuesday)

Child (3-11 years)$8.50 - $9.50
Adult$8.50 - $9.50
Senior (60+)$8.50 - $9.50

Premier Movies (21+)

Child (3-11 years)-
Adult$19.00 - $20.00
Senior (60+)$19.00 - $20.00

Premier Movies (21+)(matinee)

Child (3-11 years)-
Adult$16.00 - $17.00
Senior (60+)$16.00 - $17.00

Premier Movies (21+)(Tuesday)

Child (3-11 years)-
Adult$8.00 - $9.00
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.00

Premier 3D Movies (21+)

Child (3-11 years)-
Adult$27.00 - $28.50
Senior (60+)$27.00 - $28.50

Premier 3D Movies (21+)(matinee)

Child (3-11 years)-
Adult$24.50 - $25.50
Senior (60+)$24.50 - $25.50

Premier 3D Movies (21+)(Tuesday)

Child (3-11 years)-
Adult$16.50 - $17.50
Senior (60+)$16.50 - $17.50

MuviXL Movies

Child (3-11 years)$13.25 - $14.25
Adult$16.50 - $17.50
Senior (60+)$13.25 - $14.00

MuviXL Movies (matinee)

Child (3-11 years)$13.25 - $14.25
Adult$13.50 - $14.50
Senior (60+)$13.25 - $14.00

MuviXL Movies (Tuesday)

Child (3-11 years)$9.50 - $10.50
Adult$9.50 - $10.50
Senior (60+)$9.50 - $10.50

MuviXL 3D Movies

Child (3-11 years)$17.00 - $17.50
Adult$20.00 - $21.50
Senior (60+)$16.50 - $17.25

MuviXL Movies (matinee)

Child (3-11 years)$17.00 - $17.50
Adult$16.50 - $17.50
Senior (60+)$16.50 - $17.25

MuviXL 3D Movies (Tuesday)

Child (3-11 years)$13.25 - $14.25
Adult$13.25 - $14.25
Senior (60+)$13.25 - $14.25

D-BOX Movies

Child (3-11 years)$16.50 - $17.50
Adult$19.50 - $20.50
Senior (60+)$16.50 - $17.50

D-BOX Movies (matinee)

Child (3-11 years)$16.50 - $17.50
Adult$17.50 - $18.50
Senior (60+)$16.50 - $17.50

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Prices are updated for 2023.

Muvico’s History

Muvico Theaters LogoFounded in 1984 after acquiring their first cinema location in Coral Springs, Florida – Muvico went on to purchase/buy eight more locations over the next 10 years, bringing their total screen count up to 59.

However, in 1995, Muvico ended up selling all of its locations bar one – Palm Harbor in Florida. The strategy behind this was to allow Muvico to focus their efforts in specific locations in order to compete far more efficiently with their larger competitors. Namely – AMC, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark.

Muvico theaters are well-known among their patrons for their unique themes at each of their locations. Allowing them to stand out as being able to provide the most immersive movie experience possible.

Over the next decade or so, Muvico nailed down its strategy and began purchasing or building more location again. Specifically in Florida, Orlando, Maryland, and Illinois.

Cinemark came back into the equation, purchasing three of Muvico’s locations, and Hollywood Theaters purchasing a single one.

A big change was coming in the next few years, however. Carmike Cinemas – one of the leading cinema chains in the country – swooped in and gobbled up the last nine locations owned by Muvico Theatres for a tidy $31.8 million near the end of 2013.

Today, Muvico will always be remembered for its vibrant cinemas, allowing movie lovers to experience more than a movie during their visit.

A few of these themes included ancient Egyptian, French opera house, 1950s drive-in,  1920s grand movie palace, and a Mediterranean palace. Theater themes bring the movie experience to a whole new level of excitement beyond the usual get in, see a movie, and get out” standard experience.

Heck, you may even take a detour from your local Muvico to check out some of the other themes they had. Unfortunately, as Muvico is no more, this may be a bit more difficult to achieve today.

Aside from the themes, you’ll find all of the theaters have a wide range of food and drinks at the concession stand. Each theater has their own special selections, although the staple movie snacks such as popcorn, chips, and soda, will always be available at all locations.

Many of the theaters have even taken the next step in combining movies and dinner, similar to Movie Tavern. For example, the Thousand Oaks and Rosemont theaters have full-scale restaurants with chef-driven menu items. The restaurants are usually located at the upper level of the theaters.

Theater Locations

As mentioned at the beginning of the page, there are only two Muvico branded theaters remaining in the United States. One location is just outside of Chicago is Rosemont, whilst the other is in Thousand Oaks, California.

Muvico Theaters Thousand Oaks 14

Here are their specific details:

  • Muvico Rosemont 18 – 4.4/5 from 524 reviews – 9701 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL
  • Muvico Thousand Oaks 14 – 4.1/5 from 154 reviews -The Oaks, 166 W Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA

As you can see from the current ratings, those who visit Muvico love their experience so much they’re more than inclined to share their experience and entice others to try them out!

Check out a few of the reviews we pulled from their pages:

Great seating and amazing sound quality. Pick the right movie and you will be pulled into a new universe by the captivating equipment. – Carter Skyers

Great food selections for a movie theater.. Always love to take my kids here early morning on the weekend. You’ll have the whole theater to yourselves – Linh Le

This is my spot when I want to watch movie show’s. They’re so clean. I love the atmosphere here. I can safely bring my son knowing that is going to be fun. And not worry about people acting out of place.- Rosely Martinez

As you can see, plenty of previous customers seem to enjoy their Muvico experience. And we’re sure you will too.

Here’s a general take on most of the reviews:

  • Friendly, courteous and competent staff members. You can even get freshly-made popcorn during late night movie screenings, a far cry from the stale popcorn served in many other theaters.
  • Great locations usually near residential or commercial centers. You can easily combine your leisure and business time.
  • A first-rate selection of contemporary movies including new release blockbusters. Your appetite for new movies will be satisfied here.

The bottom line: Muvico theaters may have the standard yet comfortable seating but the outstanding facilities, amenities, and services are well worth the cost of entrance.

For more information about Muvico Theaters, visit their official website.

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