Rave Cinemas Prices

Avid moviegoers rave about Rave Cinema’s prices for a good reason! The ticket prices are among the most affordable in the country without compromising the superior quality of the theater and the overall movie experience. Take a look at their prices and we’ll think you’ll agree.

Here are the latest Rave prices:



Children (<12 years)$7.00 - $9.00
Adult$10.00 - $12.50
Senior (60+)$7.00 - $9.00
Military Discount (with valid ID)*0% - 20%
Student Discount (with valid ID)*0% - 20%

Student and Military discounts are only available at some locations. Contact your local Rave to find out before purchasing your tickets.

Movies (matinee)

Children (<12 years)$7.00 - $8.50
Adult$7.50 - $9.50
Senior (60+)$7.00 - $8.00

RealD 3D Movies

Children (<12 years)$10.00 - $13.00
Adult$13.00 - $15.50
Senior (60+)$10.50 - $12.50


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RealD 3D Movies (matinee)

Children (<12 years)$10.00 - $12.50
Adult$11.00 - $13.00
Senior (60+)$10.50 - $12.00

IMAX Movies

Children (<12 years)$12.00 - $13.50
Adult$16.50 - $18.50
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $13.50

IMAX Movies (matinee)

Children (<12 years)$12.00 - $13.50
Adult$15.50 - $17.00
Senior (60+)$12.00 - $13.50

3D IMAX Movies

Children (<12 years)$14.00 - $15.75
Adult$17.00 - $19.50
Senior (60+)$14.00 - $15.75

3D IMAX Movies (matinee)

Children (<12 years)$13.00 - $14.50
Adult$11.00 - $12.50
Senior (60+)$13.00 - $14.50

XD Movies

Children (<12 years)$8.00 - $9.50
Adult$12.00 - $14.50
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.50

XD Movies (matinee)

Children (<12 years)$8.00 - $9.50
Adult$8.00 - $9.50
Senior (60+)$8.00 - $9.50

XD RealD 3D Movies

Children (<12 years)$11.00 - $12.50
Adult$14.00 - $17.50
Senior (60+)$11.00 - $12.50

XD RealD 3D Movies (matinee)

Children (<12 years)$11.00 - $12.50
Adult$11.00 - $12.50
Senior (60+)$11.00 - $12.50

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Prices were lasted updated on 24 March 2017.

*Please note Rave Cinemas is now owned by Cinemark Theatres. All of Rave’s locations are now owned by various other cinema chains as well, but some retain their Rave Cinema branding.

*To find a Rave Cinema close to you, please search for its location rather than “Rave Cinema” as many chains have switched their names online.

History of the Chain

Rave Cinemas Logo

Founded in 1999 by Thomas W. Stevenson, Jr. and originally known as Rave Motion Pictures, Rave Cinemas has gone through a huge number of acquisitions and sales of its individual locations throughout its short life.

Today, Rave Cinemas is owned by Cinemark Theatres, with many of its cinemas owned by other chains as well such as Carmike, AMC, and Starplex.

Rave Motion Pictures was the name of the chain until late 2009, when TowerBrook Capital Partners along with Charles B. Moss, Jr. and Lambert Media Group founded Rave Cinemas, LLC. The company subsequently engaged in several acquisitions including the corporate property, infrastructure, and introduced new leadership to the company.

Rave Cinemas, LLC engaged in several more sales and purchases of their theaters. In October 2012, the company agreed to sell 16 theaters to Carmike Cinemas followed by the November 2012 sale to Cinemark of 32 theaters for $240 million.

Over the subsequent years, additional sales were made to AMC and Starplex. And on 29 May 2013, the sale of Rave Cinemas to Cinemark Theatres was now finalized.

In November 2012, AMC Theaters also purchased 4 Rave Cinemas theaters not already acquired by its competitors, such as Carmike, Cinemark, and Starplex.

Many of the original locations keep their Rave Cinema branding as the local community continues to embrace it. However, some of those locations sold off have been rebranded to their new parent company’s brand.

What Makes Rave Special?

For one, the uniqueness and community feel of all the cinemas. One of the main reasons its customers continue to come back and watch movies over and over with them!

On top of that, according to Rave’s Wikipedia page, every single one of their locations has the following:

  • DLP Projection & DTS Surround Sound
  • Stadium Seating/Reclining Seat Backs/Ultra-comfortable luxury reclining seats
  • Moveable armrests with trays for food and holders for cups
  • More leg room compared with traditional theatres (up to 48 inches)

Not bad hey! It also states many of the theaters are equipped with RealD 3D technology and a few even have the latest and greatest – IMAX screens.

Those with physical disabilities will be pleased to know most larger locations have two-floor exits with central seating and elevator access.

That’s not all. Most Rave locations feature multiple concession stands (no more waiting in line for popcorn!), plenty of arcade games to keep the kids busy before the movie starts, state-of-the-art lighting with a futuristic feel, along with plenty of screens showing trailers and the latest movie info.

Speaking of locations, let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Current Theater Locations

One thing we like to do on this site is to take a look at each cinema chain’s most popular locations, find out how they’re being rated, and let you know about them below.

Rave is no different. We browsed all the locations we could find in the United States and hand-picked the very best for you to enjoy.

Here are the results:

  • Rave Cinemas The Greene 14 + IMAX – 4.0/5 from 177 reviews – The Greene, 4489 Glengarry Dr, Beavercreek, OH
  • Rave Cinemas Fairfax Corner 14 +Xtreme – 4.3/5 from 75 reviews – Fairfax Corner, 11900 Palace Way, Fairfax, VA
  • Rave Cinemas Davenport 53 + IMAX – 4.1/5 from 190 reviews – 3601 E 53rd St, Davenport, IA
  • Rave Cinemas Ridgmar 13 + Xtreme – 4.3/5 from 159 reviews – Ridgmar Mall, 2300 Green Oaks Rd, Fort Worth, TX
  • Rave Cinemas Buckland Hills 18 + IMAX – 4.3/5 from 322 reviews – 99 Redstone Rd, Manchester, CT
  • Rave Cinemas Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15 + Xtreme – 4.3/5 from 454 reviews – Baldwin Hills Crenshaw, 4020 Marlton Ave, Los Angeles, CA
  • Rave Cinemas Colonel Glenn 18 + Xtreme – 4.3/5 from 297 reviews – 18 Colonel Glenn Plaza Dr, Little Rock, AR

Those are some damn high ratings across the board! Goes to show you their experience was so good at a Rave Cinema, they simply had to let the world know!

Check out some of the reviews we found:

Loved the reclining seats with footrests! Each row has plenty of room to walk by even when people are fully reclined. We really enjoyed this theater. All seats are reserved. So reserve ahead of time online (they do charge an extra fee for reserving online). But it’s worth it for me since I drive pretty far to get here. Ticket prices are pretty low as well. – Brittany Farley

Great theater, comfortable seats, kiosks make purchasing tickets easy. Large selection of showings and IMAX 3D is amazing – Jacob Hoppe

I saw Hacksaw Ridge here a couple of weeks ago with the Kettering Health Network and had a fantastic time. Everything was kept nice and clean. I expected the theatre to be cold, but it was actually on the warmer side.
I can’t wait to return and watch another great movie! – Amanda H

A few more locations which nearly made the top list include:

  • Western Hills 14 -Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Polaris 18 + Xtreme – Columbus, Ohio
  • Pittsburgh North 11 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • University City Penn 6 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ohio and Connecticut have the highest number of Rave Cinemas’ theaters.


As you can see from Rave’s short history as a movie chain, they’ve definitely managed to do something right by the raving reviews many customers leave on their pages each week. Maybe you’ll be soon to join them? And with their ticket prices being what they are, you won’t hurt your wallet either.

Why not head down to your local Rave Cinema today and check out one of the latest Hollywood flicks! We’re sure you’ll be in for an awesome time 🙂

For more information about Rave Cinemas, visit their official website.

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