AMC   Reeces Snack Mix $3

Reese’s Snack Mix Just $3 @ AMC | Movie Deal [expired]

All companies love to get the ball rolling on new products with a promotion. What better way to get customers to try out your product than letting them save a bunch of money on it?!

This time – AMC are introducing the new and exciting peanut buttery goodness to their theaters – Reese’s Snack Mix.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s inside each of the bags:

  • All your favorites brought together into one bag – salty, creamy, crunchy, sweet, and sticky
  • Every type of Reese’s Candy along with peanuts and pretzels creating a combination only the gods have the right to consume (and us of course)



Buy a Large Popcorn Combo, and you now have the option of a Reese’s Snack Mix for just $3

*Only available at participating locations – which is just about all of them. Check here just to be certain.



Just AMC’s way of introducing a new product into their concession stand.

AMC Movie Concession Promotion

Unfortunately, there’s no word on how long the offer goes for or when it’s set to expire, so let us know if you try to use it and it no longer works!

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