Rings: Will It Be Unforgettable or Totally Forgettable?

The Ring has been one of the most unforgettable horror films in the industry of movies. Many have been looking forward to another franchise. 

Luckily, the voice of the viewers has been heard after a long time. The next installment soon to be aired will be out in the theaters like Harkins, Cinemark, Regal, etc. on the 3rd of February.

The Ring got an unexpected gross of $129 Million in the United States alone and a whopping $230 million worldwide. It garnered $8.8 million in Japanese theaters alone as compared to the original Ringu.

The Ring which was played by Naomi Watts was properly portrayed as Rachel Keller, a journalist whose niece died in a bizarre accident. The niece was a healthy girl and yet the cause of her death was a heart attack, furthermore, her niece’s mother, Katie, also died mysteriously with her body in a contorted position. 

A week before the deaths, they watched a mysterious video along with their friends and they also died in the same manner like Katie. Always after the video, the phone would ring and a whisper could be heard “7 days”. Rachel tries to find answers to her questions, asking several people for help and she was able to connect the puzzle together.  Some clues had been found and thought that the curse had been broken. 

The Ring made a new meaning to horror films in the American theaters. It has very good critics and reviews.

Now,  Rings, as directed by Dir. F. Javier Gutierrez. This plot thickens as there is a movie within the movie that no one has seen before. A young lady finds herself in the curse that threatens again to take her life in 7 days. From there, the hunt for the mystery begins. 

The starring role played by Matilda Lutz will give a life to this young lady named Julia. Like in the first sequel, anyone who watches the video will die.

Eventually, the Rings have had a lot of slated openings. As a matter of fact, it was supposed to be first shown on October 28 just to be in time for Halloween. But due to some delays, it has been postponed to 3 months. 

Actually, the fourth release date is the final one they said. No reasons were given on the cause of delay but this $115 million definitely gives a whole lot of expectation from the viewers.

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