Showcase Cinema Prices (UK)

The United Kingdom takes the lead with one of the highest rates of cinema admission per capita in the whole world. So it’s damn good Showcase’s ticket prices in the UK are reasonable enough for all movie lovers to get their fix!

Here are the latest Showcase UK prices:


Movies (peak)

Child (<15 years)£6.85 - £7.20
Adult (16+)£8.80 - £9.75
Senior (60+)£7.45 - £8.20
Student (with valid ID)£7.45 - £8.20
Military (with valid ID)£7.30 - £8.00
Family of 4£28.00

Movies (offpeak)

Child (<15 years)£6.85 - £7.20
Adult (16+)£7.50 - £8.30
Senior (60+)£6.85 - £7.20
Student (with valid ID)£7.45 - £8.20
Military (with valid ID)£7.30 - £8.00
Family of 4£28.00


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3D Movies (peak)*

Child (<15 years)£8.85 - £9.20
Adult (16+)£10.80 - £11.75
Senior (60+)£9.45 - £10.20
Student (with valid ID)£9.45 - £10.20
Military (with valid ID)£9.30 - £10.00

*All 3D movies require special glasses which can be purchased for £1.50 each if you don't have them.

3D Movies (offpeak)

Child (<15 years)£8.85 - £9.20
Adult (16+)£9.50 - £10.30
Senior (60+)£9.45 - £10.20
Student (with valid ID)£9.45 - £10.20
Military (with valid ID)£9.30 - £10.00

XPlus Movies (peak)

Child (<15 years)£9.35 - £9.70
Adult (16+)£11.30 - £12.25
Senior (60+)£9.95 - £10.70
Student (with valid ID)£9.95 - £10.70
Military (with valid ID)£9.80 - £10.50

XPlus Movies (offpeak)

Child (<15 years)£9.35 - £9.70
Adult (16+)£10.00 - £10.80
Senior (60+)£9.95 - £10.70
Student (with valid ID)£9.95 - £10.70
Military (with valid ID)£9.80 - £10.50

IMAX Movies

Child (<15 years)£11.50 - £11.85
Adult (16+)£13.45 - £14.40
Senior (60+)£12.10 - £12.85
Student (with valid ID)£12.10 - £12.85
Military (with valid ID)£11.95 - £12.60

Gallery Movies

Child (<15 years)£23.95
Adult (16+)£23.95
Senior (60+)£23.95
Student (with valid ID)£23.95

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Prices are updated for 2023.

As mentioned, simply find the location you’re looking for below and click the button to download their specific prices.

Who are Showcase Cinemas?

Showcase Cinema UK Logo
Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, Showcase Cinemas operate a number of movie theatres in the United Kingdom. Cheekiness aside, Showcase Cinemas are a worldwide organisation parented by National Amusements.

As of 2017, they company as a whole operates cinemas in four countries – the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and of course, the United Kingdom.

We’ll only be discussing Showcase’s UK operations here as this page focuses on their ticket prices in the UK. Click the button at the top of the page to see more information about their US operations.

As of writing, there are 21 locations across the United Kingdom which house a Showcase branded cinema. From Manchester to Bristol, and Glasgow to Peterborough, you’ll never be too far away from one of their cinemas.

According to their Facebook page, Showcase was originally founded in 1936.

That’s pretty much all we were able to dig up. Unfortunately, they don’t provide much more information on their website (they don’t even have an about page) or their Wikipedia page.

Nevermind, though – we shall continue!

Showcase’s Technology

As the should be, Showcase’s UK cinemas are equipped with some of the most high-tech state-of-the-art cinema technology available in the world today. What kind of technology is this? Let’s take a look.

First off – resolution. Basically, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image. And at the moment, the absolute top of the line resolution mainstream cinemas are using is 4k. Who provides 4k cinema projection? The one and only – Sony.

Sony’s 4K digital cinema projection system is exceedingly different to more projection systems – which is why many of the leading cinema chains around the world have embraced the new technology. Sony’s 4K brings movies to the next level – allowing viewers to experience the highest clarity and unbelievably vivid images on the screen in front of them. If you’re yet to experience a movie projected with 4k resolution, stop what you’re doing, and get down there!

You can read more about Showcase’s implementation of the projection system across its locations here.

Next on the list is the latest in 3D movies. No more are they simply called 3D, but rather, RealD 3D. Why? We’re guessing simply because the experience feels more real 🙂 Either way, 3D movies are damn awesome, and a majority of Showcase cinemas are equipped with them in 2017.

Showcase RealD 3D

Many chains around the world have coined their own term for an extra large screen compared with other they run. Showcase has decided to call their XPlus – a fitting name. XPlus screens are huge wall-to-wall screens with only the best audio equipment as well – the Dolby ATMOS sound system.

Showcase have an awesome page further explaining their XPlus screens here if you’re interested.

Of course, we can’t leave out the world famous IMAX screens. What makes an IMAX movie different? Everything.

Here’s what makes IMAX stand out:

  • Revolutionary projection system delivering life-like images
  • Customised theatre design for the optimal viewing experience from all angles
  • A sound system so powerful you’ll wonder if WWIII has started

All of those combined bring IMAX to the top of your to-do list today. Trust us. You’ll want to get this one ticked off!

Lastly, and this one isn’t so much technology than simply a unique experience, is Gallery movies. These are only available at four locations (Nottingham, Dudley, Bluewater, Southampton) so you already know they’re special.

Showcase’s Gallery ticket prices cost a bit more than normal, but take a look at the extra value you’re getting before it turns you off:

  • Ultra-comfortable leather recliners, armchairs, or sofas
  • Bento box full of goodies such as Celebrations, popcorn, chips, nachos, doughnuts, marshmallows, and drinks
  • Access to the licensed lounge before and after the movie (if the cinema has one)

If there’s one negative we can put on Gallery screenings, is that the seats are so damn comfortable you may have a hard time keeping your eyes open! Hopefully, you’ve picked a good movie to watch.

How much do Showcase’s movie tickets cost?

Well, hopefully after reading through the table above or download the ticket prices of the theatre you’re looking for, you’ll know exactly how much Showcase’s tickets cost!

From our experience of gathering further information from other UK cinemas such as Odeon and Vue cinemas, Showcase’s prices seem to fit right in the middle of the current UK cinema industry.

Which is a good thing! Seeing as though Showcase offers some of the best facilities around showing some of the latest blockbusters from around the world, yet their prices are still considerably average.

If you want to confirm the cost of Showcase’s prices, feel free to head to their website directly, call the cinema you’re planning on going to, or simply walk in and see how much they cost.

Of course, it’ll be much more convenient to find out beforehand instead of heading there, and heading back if they’re too expensive for you.

Ticket Discounts

Of course, even if you’re happy with the cost of the ticket, we’re sure you’ll be far happier if you manage to get a discount on them!

Lucky for you, Showcase offers a number of ways to lower the cost of your ticket. Here’s how:

  • Buy in bulk – Purchase 50 tickets for a bulk price of £350 (£7/ticket) – they can be used at any time and are valid for a year – details
  • Go as a group – If you can manage to bring together 20+ people, Showcase will give you a special discounted rate – details
  • Join their loyalty programInsider
    • Completely free to join
    • Exclusive special offers on food and drinks
    • See movies before everyone else through their advanced screenings
    • Discounted movie tickets all day Monday + Tuesday and after 7 pm on Sunday

Showcase Insider Loyalty Program

Further information regarding their loyalty program can be found here.

Popular Locations

As much as no one likes to say it, some locations are far more popular than others, and Showcase’s cinema locations are no different.

We use highly specialised techniques to determine which are the most popular. Just kidding. We simply check out which locations are searched for the most. But still! It’s a pretty effective way to determine which locations show the most movies per month!

Check out some of their most popular locations:

  • Showcase Bluewater – 3.8/5 from 120 reviews – Bluewater Shopping Centre, Showcase Cinema de Lux Bluewater Plaza, Bluewater Pkwy, Dartford, Greenhithe
  • Showcase Coventry – 3.8/5 from 126 reviews – Cross Point Business Park, Gielgud Way, Coventry
  • Showcase Dudley – 4.2/5 from 214 reviews – Castlegate Way, Dudley
  • Showcase Peterborough – 3.7/5 from 330 reviews – Boon Gate, Mallory Rd, Peterborough
  • Showcase Nottingham – 4.4/5 from 417 reviews – Redfield Way, Nottingham

Looks like Nottingham and Dudley seem to be doing something right with their high Google ratings.

Let’s dive deeper and see what some people are specifically saying:

Cinema screens and seats fantastic and very comfy. Great range of films showing. Drinks and food prices are extortionate, hence the four star review. Driving here is recommended as it’s out of town and on the ring road, plenty of parking. – Sian Caulfield

Cost has gone up a lot lately. However, was very impressed with refurbished (and VERY comfortable) new theatres. Made the overall experience a lot more pleasurable. I would have given five stars, but you lose one for the perennial “would you like double the amount for another 50p?” … – Richard Aylin

Great cinema. Multiple screens. Some very comfy chairs with good leg room. You can upgrade to the comfy sofas at the back of the cinema if you wish. Sells the usual cinema food and snacks for really high prices. There is a bar upstairs if you fancy a drink. Much better than other cinemas. – Terry Dalton

Kind words from previous customers! If they aren’t able to convince you, we don’t think anything will.


As you’ve now read through everything Showcase has to offer, and are well aware of their prices in the UK, you’re in the prime position to make the decision to give them a shot or not.

If you do, we’re sure you’ll end up the reviews above come out of the movie feeling wonderfully refreshed from the enjoyable experience. If not, hopefully, you’ll change your mind in the future and give them a shot.

Overall, Showcase is one of the leading cinema chains in the United Kingdom due to their highly advanced technology, prime locations, friendly staff, all on top of their completely affordable ticket prices.

For more information on Showcase, please visit their official website.

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