Showcase Cinema Prices (US)

Showcase Cinemas is a chain of theaters owned and operated by National Amusements, Inc., a major player in the motion picture exhibition industry. National Amusement also operates over 950 screens located in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Argentina.

Below are latest Showcase Cinema prices:



Child (<12 years)$8.50 - $10.75
Adult$11.25 - $13.75
Senior (60+)$8.25 - $11.25

Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$8.50 - $10.75
Adult$8.50 - $11.50
Senior (60+)$8.25 - $11.25

RealD 3D Movies

Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.75
Adult$15.75 - $18.25
Senior (60+)$12.25 - $15.25

RealD 3D Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.75
Adult$13.50 - $15.50
Senior (60+)$12.25 - $15.25


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SuperLUX Lite Movies

Child (<12 years)$20.00
Senior (60+)$20.00

SuperLUX Movies

Child (<12 years)$30.00
Senior (60+)$30.00

SuperLUX Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$28.00
Senior (60+)$28.00

LUX Level Movies (21+)

Child (<12 years)N/A
Senior (60+)$22.50

LUX Level Movies (21+)(matinee)

Child (<12 years)N/A
Senior (60+)$21.25


Child (<12 years)$14.50 - $15.50
Adult$18.00 - $19.50
Senior (60+)$14.50 - $16.25

RealD 3D XPLUS ATMOS Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$14.50 - $15.50
Adult$16.00 - $17.50
Senior (60+)$14.50 - $16.25

MX4D Motion Movies

Child (<12 years)$19.50 - $20.50
Adult$22.50 - $24.00
Senior (60+)$20.00 - $21.00

MX4D Motion Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$19.50 - $20.50
Adult$20.50 - $22.00
Senior (60+)$20.00 - $21.00

IMAX Movies

Child (<12 years)$11.25 - $12.50
Adult$14.00 - $16.00
Senior (60+)$11.25 - $12.50

IMAX Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$9.50 - $11.00
Adult$9.50 - $11.00
Senior (60+)$9.50 - $11.00

IMAX 3D Movies

Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.00
Adult$15.50 - $17.00
Senior (60+)$12.50 - $14.75

IMAX 3D Movies (matinee)

Child (<12 years)$12.50 - $14.00
Adult$13.50 - $15.00
Senior (60+)$12.50 - $14.75

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Prices are updated for 2023. Please not these prices are for US locations only. Buy Showcase tickets.

History of Showcase Cinema

Showcase Cinema Logo

Showcase Cinema was initially established in the United Kingdom in August 1986 as a subsidiary of one of the most powerful cinema operators in the United States. Showcase Cinemas UK was a brainchild of Michael Redstone, the founder of National Amusements and one of the pioneers of the drive-in movie theater in the US.

In 1967, Michael’s son, Sumner M. Redstone, with the nickname ‘the father of the multiplex’ – given to him following his launch of multiplex cinemas, succeeded his father as the National Amusement’s new president and CEO. Under his leadership, National became the seventh largest exhibitor of the US. Naturally, Showcase also experienced similar success, becoming one of the most popular cinema chains in the UK.

As we mentioned, the company now operates in multiple countries around the world including Brazil and Argentina.

Showcase Cinema Innovations

Sony Digital Cinema 4k

Showcase continues to innovate in order to provide the best cinema experience to its customers, and it must in order to stay competitive in the industry.

Which is why every single Showcase Location in the United States is now equipped with the state-of-the-art 4k digital projection system from Sony. Enjoy superior levels of clarity and detail whilst your watching your favorite movies on Showcase’s big screens.

As such, every Showcase Cinema theater is 100% digital in 2017.

RealD 3D

RealD 3D is the next generation of 3D entertainment. It brings every movie-lover face to face with their favorite movie characters as they experience a world rich in life and details.

With a 3D screening format, you’ll become fully involved in the movie-viewing experience. Simply pop on your 3D glasses which look like normal sunglasses, are completely recyclable, designed to fit comfortably on heads of all sizes, and can easily fit over prescriptions glasses.

Once you’re all suited up, head into the 3D ready movie of your choice and get ready for your mind to be blown.


If you don’t know IMAX, here’s one word we can use to describe it – HUGE. Yes, it deserves to be put in all caps lock as well. Want to know just how big? The biggest IMAX screen comes in 105ft or 32m wide. You’ll need to buy an airplane ticket, though, because you’ll be heading down under to Melbourne, Australia to watch it.

Thankfully, although not as big, Showcase’s IMAX screens will provide you with just about the same level of enjoyment.

Feel like taking it a step further? No worries! A few select locations even have the option of IMAX in 3D.

 Showcase MX4D

4D is just that, one level higher than 3D. But how can it be one level higher than 3D? Simple – real life effects. We aren’t kidding. What happens in the movie will be simulated through various methods to all those who are watching.

Here’s a glimpse as to what you might feel watching an MX4D movie with Showcase:

  • Chair movements (up, down, left, right, sideways)
  • Wind effects
  • Air blasts
  • Water blasts (sprays, not thunder mountain style)
  • Chair vibrations
  • Leg and neck ticklers
  • Scents
  • Whole cinema wind, fog, and strobe

Basically, you’re in the actual movie with the movie. If that makes sense…

Either way, it sounds absolutely awesome! It’s such a unique experience you simply have to try it AT LEAST once in your life.

MX4D Showcase Cinema

It’s currently offered at three (3) Showcase locations:

  • Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere
  • Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph
  • Island 16: Cinema de Lux

You can find out more information on this technology here.

How Much Do Showcase Cinema Tickets Cost?

One of the top movie destinations in the United States is Showcase Cinema simply due to its favorable ticket prices. Showcase Theater prices are reasonable – they are even more affordable than many larger cinema chains in the country such as AMC.

The cinema boasts of a number of IMAX and 3D screens for the highly adventurous viewers, while still maintaining its standard screens for regular viewing. The combination of both these formats allows the customers to watch a movie according to their preference as well as their budget.

Theater prices are further reduced if you take advantage of Showcase’s loyalty programs. For example, if you apply for a Starpass Card, you earn points for every ticket you purchase.

Specifically, every dollar you spend on eligible purchases at Showcase and participating locations will result in 10 points be attributed to your membership.

Here are the current rewards offered with the Starpass Card:

  • 750 points – Free popcorn
  • 1,500 points – Free movie ticket
  • 2,250 points – Free soft drink
  • 3,000 points – Free movie ticket
  • 3,750 points – Free popcorn
  • 4,500 points – Free movie ticket
  • 5,250 points – Free soft drink
  • 6,000 points -Free movie ticket

See a trend? Every $75 you spend results in a specific reward being granted to the member. Once 6000 points are reached, the schedule restarts from the beginning.

Find out more about Starpass and how it works here.

A complete list of Showcase Cinema ticket prices can be found on its official website. It’s best that you check online for specific prices of the tickets for the Showcase Theater in your location.

Apart from buying tickets, you can also reserve seats and find out any existing promos and offers through its online customer service.


Showcase Cinemas is one of the top choices among movie goers for the simple reason that it delivers one of the most enjoyable movie-viewing experiences possible. Treat yourself to affordable prices, luxurious seating, and the ultimate in the latest cinema technology.

Indeed, Showcase Cinemas is second to none when it comes to providing the finest movie-going experience. It’s the best place to go and watch your favorite movie, whether with your family or friends.

Be totally thrilled and mesmerized as you watch your favorite movies at Showcase. Wonderful films, delicious snacks, exhilarating fun, and many other benefits can be enjoyed, all this at truly low ticket prices.

For more information about Showcase Cinema, visit their official website.

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