The Most Disgusting People You’ll Meet in the Movie Theater

You have your popcorn all set up. You are with your date. You have been anxiously waiting for this movie and you are able to get tickets from Showcase Cinema to see it on its first day of showing and it’s about to start in a few minutes. What could possibly go wrong? Your movie experience will always be affected by the hundreds of people that you are seeing the movie with. Here are some of the freaks that you have to watch out for.

Feet up Guy

Real People Audience: Adults Teenagers Watching 3D Movie TheaterThere are people who are too cool to be in the theater and they simply can’t seat without hitting the pose of both feet up on the seat upfront. The worst thing about it is that guy probably doesn’t even have a Harley Parked outside. It is a total waste of time to ask this guy to put his feet down so you can pass through and it is totally disgusting when you happen to be seating in front of this guy and be the recipient of his dirty boots. The best thing to do is call the attention of the usher so he can best deal with such an inconsiderate creep.

Continuous Cougher

Some can’t stop coughing because they have colds. Some cannot stop because of a nervous a mannerism. If you happen to have any of the two, it will be best to reschedule your movie date because a lot of people will probably mind listening to you cough it out for two straight hours. Besides if you have colds and on the verge of having flu, it is very irresponsible to expose everyone in the theater, especially the ones seated close to you, with the virus that you just caught. It will even do you better if you just stayed home to care for your cough and colds.

Gum under the Arm Rest

You are picking up your popcorn off the bucket and straight to your mouth with your fingers. When you finally decide to lay off the popcorn for a while and place your arms on the arm rest, you run your fingers on some leftover gum stuck underneath your arm rest. How can you continue on eating your popcorn after this? It is simply impossible to monitor people who are in the habit of sticking their gum anywhere they like especially in the movie theater where it is dark. Everyone is therefore called upon to control this intentional or unconscious habit in the name of decency and propriety.

Pick-up Artist

While the theater is dark, you can’t totally be unnoticed especially if you are attractive. There are some people who treat the movie theater as if it was a singles’ bar and checks on your ring finger if you have anything on it. It’s quite easy to spot on your arm rest. At the first sign of opportunity, some people will really try to pick you up and that is such a nuisance especially if you have your boyfriend sitting on the other side. How long can you put up with it until you can’t resist but call this guy’s attention or call your boyfriend’s and start an argument?

Phone Booth

Some people don’t turn off their cell phones in the theater. A few ring tones won’t hurt. But there are those who actually answer their phones when someone calls them or even initiates the call for a lengthy and loud conversation. This is a total disregard for everyone else who are trying to watch the movie and catch every pieces of dialogue. If only movie chains can make their theaters signal-free then, that will solve this problem. In case this happens, just keep your cool, an usher is bound to come over and tell this guy off.

Lover’s Quarrel

There are dates that break into an argument in the middle of a movie. The theater only has room for one conflict and that is the one happening on the screen. Unless that person and his date can provide a more entertaining lovers’ debate than the one screening, this outburst will be very distracting and those people who would like to stay focused on the movie will lose track of what’s happening. The sad part about it is that the movie theater doesn’t normally rewind the movie by even just one bit to get back to the scene that may have been missed because of the distraction.

If you are watching a movie at any Vue Cinema Theatre an usher will be more than happy to solve the problem and take care of the nuisance for you. Avoid any contact or conversation with these kinds of jerks. Remember that you have paid $10 for a good time and the theater will move both heaven and earth to provide you with your best movie experience at all times.

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