The Top 10 Best Snacks to Make You Munch at the Movies


Movies are best seen with snacks and as impossible as it may sound, there appears to be a direct link between intense emotions, like crying, laughing, screaming, etc., and consuming ridiculous amounts of food. For one, have you ever noticed that besides the ticket line, snacks bars have the second, if the not the first, longest lines at the movie theaters? Think of this – as much as people want to watch the movie they have waited for so long to see, they just have to make a pit stop first at the snack bars outside and go get themselves any grub that’s available.

What could be making people go crazy over movie theaters snacks? Is it the health benefits? Well, probably not as most movie theater food choices are often the greasiest, oiliest, saltiest or sweetest food items you can ever see.

There is no right way to answer this question nor can people truly explain why movies and greasy foods are like a match made in heaven, so instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, let’s just list down the top 10 best snacks moviegoers love to munch on in movie theaters, starting with the least favorite up to the number one spot.

10. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs-MovieTheaterPricesThese delicious treats, which are best served in sliced buns topped with relish, slaw or the simple combination of catsup, mustard and mayonnaise, have been pleasing and feeding moviegoers since the early 1930s.

9. Chocolate Candies

Bite-sized, crunchy on the outside yet filled with soft, sweet chocolate inside, this is every sweet tooth’s dream food. Almost all snack bars have sold every variant available in the world but M&Ms and Milk Duds are always the crowd pleasers. Other snack favorites that fall into this category are the Raisinets, chocolate-covered raisins from Nestle and chocolate candy bars like Mars, Snickers and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

8. Fruity Candies

Like their chocolate counterparts, these tangy and sweet little buggers are bite-sized and bursting with flavor, inspired by the selection of fruits available in the market. The two that stood out, Mike and Ike & Skittles, have been circulating since the early 1940s and 1970s, respectively.

7. Gummy Bears

This cute and gelatinous treat makes moviegoers want to pop them in their mouth the moment the movie starts. Colored by all available colors of the rainbow, not only are they a feast for the mouth but can also satisfy the eyes.

6. Nachos

This gooey, cheesy and crunchy snack that came all the way from Mexico is starting to get popular among moviegoers. With the crunch of the nacho chips to the yellow, gooey goodness of the cheese or a mixture of jalapeños and salsa, moviegoers are definitely treated to a different kind of viewing and eating experience.

5. Fries

With the all the grease, salt, and easy-eating features French fries bring, it will undoubtedly land a spot in our top ten list. Moviegoers will certainly agree that besides the mashed potatoes, this is the best way to eat potatoes and have been the snack of choice since the early 1930s.

4. Soda

Of course, after all the grub that you’ve been eating, you got to have something to drink and what better way to end a feast but by drinking your cold, glass of sugar and fizz. Plus, the sound it makes after you sip the last drop from the cup while the closing credits roll, couldn’t be the best way to end your movie.

3. Twizzlers

Another treat from The Hershey Company, this famous twisted tube-shaped licorice is one of the easiest treat to eat while watching a movie plus it gives the eater a variety of flavors that range from strawberry, cherry and classic black licorice.

2. Pretzels

Moving on to a more iconic food, these soft and salty traditional movie snack has been treating the throng of movie fans since the 20th century. They are baked bread made from dough and are twisted into a knot to give them their traditional look.

1. Popcorn

Of course, this salty, buttery, and sometimes, sweet and rich in caramel treat will top the list as this is the go-to movie snack ALL moviegoers pick out in the snack bars. Besides being inexpensive and easy to eat, popcorn gives you that vibe of being at home in a theater and like any comfort food, this snack gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside – something even moviegoers can never explain.

Unbelievably, the amount of sugar in this list only suggests one thing – moviegoers are often on a high after they’ve seen a flick, that is high on food, high on emotions, and most importantly, high on happiness. Maybe it’s time for you to head down to AMC TheaterCineplex, or Odeon to experience the wonderful things movie snacks can give any movie fan.

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