March 31st   Weekly Movie Box Office

Weekly Box Office – March 31, 2017

Nice work if you guessed it! The Boss Baby and it’s director, Tom McGrath, have come out on top this week after Beauty and the Beast dropped an even 50% in revenue from the previous week.

Only just, though! Only $4 million separated the two between the first and second positions, which is an extremely small amount, relatively speaking. Enough chat! Check out the table below for the full top 10.

RankMovieGrossChangeTotal GrossDays
1The Boss Baby$63,073,318NEW$63,073,3187
2Beauty and the Beast$59,377,192-50%$407,294,03421
3Ghost in the Shell$24,223,450NEW$24,223,4507
4Power Rangers$18,334,072-64%$68,896,24214
Skull Island
8Get Out$7,758,690-37%$158,832,65042
10The Zookeeper's Wife$4,714,525NEW$4,714,5257

As you can see, there are a few new entrants into the list this week, and a few have dropped out. The most noteable story of the week is the utter flop which was Ghost in the Shell – only raking in $24 million on its budget of $110 million. Of course, it’s only the first week and there are still plenty of tickets being sold each day.

However, it doesn’t help with the fact the $110 million budget is only half the equation. After taking into account the Prints and Advertising costs of around $100 million, Ghost in the Shell is looking like won’t be able to break even. Estimate put the lifetime box office revenue at around $200 million – global and domestic. Indicating the film may lose around $50 million! Someone’s going to get a talking to about this one!

The Zookeeper’s Wife also looks like it will struggle to turn a profit. $4.7 million in it’s opening week with a budget of $20 million (not including advertising). We’ll keep you updated over the coming weeks.

Top 10 – Total Earnings – 31st March 2017

$210,753,353 (-17.32%)

Weekly Box Office   31st March

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