Why Do People Go to the Movies Anyway?


You can watch your favorite movies on DVD over and over in the comforts of your couch. You can watch it on you iPhone and take it with you anywhere. With today’s modern conveniences, the movie theater should already be obsolete but it’s not. Most people still like to drive to the theaters to watch a movie. Here are some of the reasons why.


Movie time is stress-free time. It’s an escape from everything that’s giving you stress. In the office you have your boss and your work that may be driving you crazy. At, home you can’t stop worrying about bills and mortgages. Going to a quiet place is not an option because your mind can never be free fromTime-out-MovieTheaterPricesall these worries. What you need to do is go to a place where you cannot think, a place where you are not playing the lead role but be reduced to a mere observer. Such is a movie theater that takes you from the real world into a reel world.

Keep up with the Conversation

Have you ever had those moments when you enter the coffee room or the cafeteria and everybody is emphatically talking about something that’s totally strange to you? That’s what happens when you miss a movie that’s trending.

A good movie is not just something nice to watch, it is also something that is nice to talk about. If you wait for it to come out on a DVD, you won’t have anyone to share the conversation with because almost everyone has watched it months ago and a new movie trend is up. Watch good movies in the theater because almost everyone is.

Eat as Much as you want

Are you on a diet or is someone keeping you in a diet? If someone is monitoring everything that you are putting in your mouth and says no-no every time you try to place something edible, the best place to eat is in a movie theater.

There are no diet cops in the movie theater because the self-proclaimed diet coach will be very busy watching and being entertained. Nobody will notice or even care about you indulging on your favorite food. You are free as a bird in the movie house. And you get to enjoy your favorite food while watching a good movie.

Family Time

One thing great about the Marvel and DC movies is that they are bringing two or even three generations closer. It appeals to those who are in their fifties because it’s great seeing all those heroes on the silver screen where they can move when they used to be just still drawings on paper. It also appeals to these fifty year olds’ kids who are the current Superman and Spiderman fans. In an Avengers Movie, everyone is transformed into a kid and fathers, moms, grandpas, grandmas and kids can be buddies enjoying the very colorful world where there are superheroes.

Perfect Date

If you are attracted to a girl and you want to ask her out, where will you take her? What are you going to say? Will anyone go with you to a darkest part of make-out land on a first date? Your fancied girl might get the wrong impression if you invited her for shopping.

The only choice is really an invite to watch a movie. A movie date is the safest place to have a date at whatever stage of the relationship. It’s a place where friends, special friends, steadies, couples, married couples and even elicit affairs go. If you are planning to progress through these line of relationships, muster up some nerves and ask her for a movie date.

Release you Emotions

If you go to the gym to exercise your muscles and see how strong they can be, you can go to a movie theater and work out your emotions. If you are the boring type, someone who is laid back or is considered “cool”, you may be too cool for your own good and will just find yourself on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Go see a movie and laugh as hard as you can. Cry and try to drown everyone with your tears. The movie theater is the place where you can express all this kept emotions without anybody seeing it’s you, the cool terminator-like dude.

If you are not in the habit of going to the theaters and you want to get started, there is nothing to worry about because that is exactly what it is; a habit. The best way to get you into it is to set things in advance. Go over to the Cineworld or Empire Cinema websites and see what’s coming up. Let or wife and kids choose and buy advance tickets. Surprise them. Surprise yourself and have some fun.

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