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If there’s any movie theater that has successfully shown quality service and movie presentation, it’s AMC Theaters. With over 300 local theaters and more than 40 abroad, AMC Movie Theaters is now owned by the biggest movie theater company in the world, and with such a large company, comes affordable AMC movie ticket prices.

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AMC Theatre Building

Below are average prices from a representative sampling of AMC locations. This table is simply a guide. Actual ticket prices at specific theaters may vary.

AMC recently announced varying ticket prices based on seat location. Because of that, we are providing estimated ticket prices in the table below.



Children (ages 2-12)$10 - $12
Adults (ages 13 & up)$14 - $18
Seniors (ages 60+)$12 - $14
Student Discount (Only On Thursdays)$12 - $14
Military Discount (After 4P.M.)$12 - $14

3D Movies

Children (ages 2-12)$12 - $15
Adults (ages 13 & up)$17 - $20
Seniors (ages 60+)$15 - $18
Student Discount (Only On Thursdays)$15 - $17
Military Discount (After 4P.M.)$15 - $17


Children (ages 2-12)$15 - $18

Prices are updated for 2023. Click here to buy tickets from AMC now.

History of AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters started out in 1920 and was originally known as Durwood Theaters. It was founded by the three Dubinsky brothers, who later changed their names to the Durwood brothers. AMC officially began its rich history when Stanley Durwood, son of one of three original founders, took over the family business in 1961.

Stanley was a World War II veteran and he employed a militaristic approach in managing the theaters. His first move was to rename the chain as the American Multi-Cinema Inc., or AMC Theaters, which it still uses today.

His next innovation changed weekends at the movies for the rest of human history – he figured that having just one screen in the building was quite limiting. If the movie wasn’t a hit then they’d be at a financial loss until the next movie was available. To fix this, he purchased several buildings and added one more screen, thereby creating the very first multiplex cinema.

The first multiplex was the AMC Theatre at the Kansas City’s Ward Parkway. It only had two screens but proved Stanley’s theory to be correct.

This concept continued to evolve in the 1980s when AMC became the first to open ten-screen multiplexes. By 1995 AMC opened the first megaplex theater that could hold thousands of guests watching multiple movies at the same time. The largest megaplexes owned by AMC today, house between 25 to 30 screens under the same roof. Incredible stuff!

Another major change occurred in 2009 when AMC began switching to digital projectors. By the end of the year, the company had completely made the switch, being one of the first major movie chains to utilize digital projectors instead of the traditional film projectors.

In 2012, Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group acquired AMC Theaters for $2.6 Billion.

More recently in 2016, AMC went on a bit of a spending spree and bought Odean Cinemas in the UK, Carmike in the US, and UCI Cinemas which operates in Brazil, Portugal, and a few countries in Europe.

AMC now holds over 8,500 movie screens in more than 900 locations around the world.

AMC Theaters Innovations

AMC Theaters is known for introducing several innovations that most movie cinemas copy to this day. One such innovation was the introduction of stadium seating (tiered levels). This design allowed every guest an unobstructed view of the screen no matter where they were seated.

They were also the first to introduce cup holders on the seats and adjustable armchair rests to allow “love seating”. That’s not all! AMC was the first to introduce seat reservations, button signaling, and dine-in theaters for a more luxurious movie watching experience.

AMC isn’t just a theater business. Just recently the company also launched their online movie talk show on Youtube, known as AMC Movie Talk. With guests like professional critics, film directors, writers, and other big names in the business giving their opinions on the latest movie news, you’ll never be left out of what’s in and what’s happening in Hollywood.

AMC Theatres follows a strict policy regarding R-Rated Films. Any guest under the age of 17 must have someone with them who is 21 or over to purchase the ticket and that companion must be there to watch the film with them. Anyone under the age of 17 must also present an ID to be allowed inside the movie house.

How Much Do AMC Theater Tickets Cost?

The average AMC ticket price is just that, quite average. However, some individual AMC’s do have higher pricing to accommodate their specific situations, whilst others have lower pricing.

To ensure their ticket prices do not escalate too high, the theater chain has introduced different movie formats. IMAX, 3D screens, and D-BOX, just to name a few, have been implemented so guests can still watch movies no matter what their budget is.

You can further lower the cost of AMC theater prices by taking advantage of their loyalty program. As with most reward cards, once you’ve accumulated a certain number of points, you may be able to get AMC movie tickets at an extremely discounted rate, or even free.

If you’re not sure how much AMC theater ticket prices cost in your local region, it’s best to either check them out online or give them a call on the phone. That way, you can be certain of knowing the cost of an AMC movie ticket before you reach the counter.

AMC Locations

As AMC is just about the most popular cinema chain in the United States, some of their individual cinema locations take in insanely high numbers of patrons each month.

Here are some of the most popular AMC Cinemas we could find:

  • AMC Studio 30 – 2949 Dunvale, Houston, Texas 77063
  • AMC Highlands Ranch 24 – 103 W Centennial Blvd, Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129
  • AMC Livonia 20 – 19500 Haggerty Road, Livonia, Michigan 48152
  • AMC Empire 25 – 234 West 42nd Street, New York, New York 10036
  • AMC Burbank 16 – 125 East Palm Avenue, On First between Magnolia and Orange Grove, Burbank, California 91502
  • AMC Colonial 18 – 825 Lawrenceville-suwanee Rd, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043
  • AMX Saratoga 14 – 700 El Paseo De Saratoga, San Jose, California 95130

According to our calculations, which are extremely scientific (they’re not), we estimate over 875,000 people visit these cinemas each month. An absolutely insane number! So many movies being watched!


AMC Theaters is the largest cinema chain for a reason – you get the best movie viewing experience possible. Primetime movies, possibly the best seating possible, state of the art screens and audio, and plenty of facilities in each theater. For all the amenities and extras they offer, AMC movie ticket prices are relatively affordable.

You can choose from over 20 movies at most AMC theater multiplexes, you can watch in 3D, in IMAX, depending on which is available. You can reserve seats online or you can just walk in and pick a flick on the spot.

With AMC ticket prices as they are, you’ll always be able to enjoy your weekends at the movies.

For more information about AMC Theaters, visit their official website.


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  2. It helped saying I’m only a kid wanting to each a movie but very delicate about my spending my parent money just don’t like it very much ?

  3. These ticket cost to much money just to see a single movie it should not be a whole $10 y’all should take that down to 3$ for a kid tf

    1. The only way prices go down is if you all STOP GOING. These people do not care its $11 cuz you still pay it. If there was organizing and a drop in movies sales ACROSS THE BOARD. Then prices would go down. Let you in on a secret, they eventually want $20 per person and if people keep going to the movies they will get it. I want to see The Lighthouse today but I’m not going against my convictions and spending $22 for 2 hrs. Also I need to be able to eat this week. Just stop going to the movies and dont return until they’re $6 again.

  4. AMC has just taken over our only movie theater in the city of Florence, AL. My husband and I are in the senior category and had gone to a 4:30 feature on a Friday two weeks ago and paid $12.69 for two tickets. Today (Friday) we went to a 2:40 feature and the price was $19.62!!! I questioned the employee about it and she had no explanation other than “things have changed”. I hardly enjoyed the movie for being so disappointed. I thought that my husband and I had found something we could afford to do on a weekly basis but was sorely disappointed and aggravated that the senior discount seems to no longer exist NOR does a discounted matinee price seem to be a discount anymore. Guess we will be waiting for all movies to come off the big screen before we can see them anymore.

    1. Sorry to hear that Lou!

      It’s a shame AMC have stopped the matinee and senior pricing at your theater. The vast majority of other chains still offer the discounts, so we urge you to keep complaining, otherwise, they’ll assume everyone is OK with it.

      If you’re up for it, you can join AMC’s loyalty program – AMC Stubs. You’ll be able to get $2 off most movies on Tuesday. See here for more info.

      Hope this helps!

      MTP Staff

      1. VERY DISSAPOINTED that you have quit the senior matinee pricing. This is the one affordable entertainment activity that my 82 year old mother was able get out of the house and look forward to. I am sure that many others are in the same situation. Please don’t tell the elderly to “go on line” to sign up to your club to pay more.
        Every time we went to the theaters, they were full of elderly customers enjoying themselves. It is a shame if this decision was based on corporate greed instead of serving the community. I hope you would reconsider.

  5. You are way over priced – will go else where! No theater answers phone now says to go on web site cannot find out any information!

  6. Hey so for the student discounts on Thursday, is that available for middle-high school and should I bring my school ID?

  7. Went to the AMC in Mesquite, Texas and it was awful! Prices are ridiculous and there is NO organization what so ever, teenage employees on their phones and people waiting in line for 27 minutes( heck yes I timed it) just for a hot dog ( that they were out of) and a kids box for my daughter. Now they serve alcohol and food which is fine. But I spent a bug majority of my time waiting in line instead of watching the movie with my kiddo. Just thinking about this is giving me a headache all over again. Overpriced, unorganized, rude.

  8. Just spent 30 min trying to figure out the ticket prices in our area…….Cannot get an answer – DEPLORABLE – way overpriced I guess so I will just go to Harkins……adios

  9. For seniors on a fixed income 12.69 a ticket is prohibitive . $25 for a couple . The county with a membership is $6 a ticket . They do not have the wide variety but at least make a concession to members. Art

      1. Hello!

        Only a few theaters offer $1 tickets, any not many of them are AMC ones.

        Which city are you in?

        MTP Staff

  10. Honestly I’m not sure what you think is expensive! The prices for tickets are very cheap! $10 a ticket? That is nothing compared to other countries where you pay almost double!!

    1. We don’t live in other countries ….. not a very intelligent argument. A comparison to a theater across town is valid. The movie prices are too high for an average family, when you include the snacks the bill is almost $100 for four people. It is cheaper to get 6 months of Netflix and order pizza.

        1. I just got a $50 GC for Christmas and that’s barely going to get my husband, kids and myself in. Anyone that thinks that’s “cheap” is crazy. I will never go back after using this card and will not buy from your overpriced concession stand

    2. HONESTLY, YOU MUST BE PART OF THE 1%. The rest of the “ORDINARY” people CANNOT afford these tickets prices. We’re glad you’re well off enough to go to a movie at AMC but the enjoyment of going to a movie at AMC at those prices is not possible for us anymore.

    3. Who are you? An AMC CEO? What country’s are you talking about? It was a chore just getting to a site to find out the prices. I will not go to AMC theaters anymore as they have no bargain days. Other theaters DO!!!

  11. I am trying to buy from Europe, online tickets for the Met Relay on the 22 October. Perhaps I am dim but I can’t penetrate your web site. Whatever I do I come back to the information page on the programme but I can’t find a “buy Ticket” button. Help!!!

  12. Thank You Lord Jesus for creation where it blesses us with relaxation and delight of joy in wonderful G rated movies or others that are for warned in discretion. Thank You Jesus for those who create them and put others before themselves in sharing such wonderful gifts of life. Thank You Jesus that we have eyesight to even view these movies. Thank You Jesus for ears to hear them to understand what we are hearing. Thank You Jesus that there are discounts for us seniors when we need a moment to get out and enjoy a social event away from home. Thank You Jesus that there is beauty in various areas of the theaters and a seat of comfort. We just glorify You Jesus that we do have the opportunity when we want to enjoy a night out. Please bless those who are less fortunate to enjoy these amenities in life with the finances to be able to experience these same joys that others are so fortunate to do so. Thank you everyone out there that who has shared your wealth towards blessing those with a gift of watching a movie and the amenities with it that where less fortunate. Thank You CEO’s for your generosity of sharing your wealth in gratitude in bountifulness of what the Lord has blessed you with in this world. Thank you for sharing your unconditional love towards others. In Jesus’s glorious name we pray, Amen!

  13. I am lucky and have a rich friend to take me. Hell he’s even taking me my sister and our other friend to a baseball game next week. I don’t normally go to the movies because they all are out of my price rang due to me being super poor. So those of you who do goto the movies even if they arn’t amc are lucky. Please don’t bash others. And thank what ever you believe in that you get to go at all. Cuz I haven’t been to a movie theater since I was five and I’m nineteen now.

  14. I went to an AMC a couple weeks ago and it was trash. When the feature started they didn’t adjust the screen to the true wide screen that movies are shot in (they had visible black bars) and the sound quality was sub par. Screaming treble with no real mid or bass. There is nothing quality about this company and they have been caught in the past advertising an IMAX screen that was not actually IMAX size. Its sad this company has practically become a monopoly over theaters.

    I have a better experience watch movies on a cheap Google Cardboard in VR than with my phone than going to this theater.

  15. does anyone know how much a senior ticket would be at the Dartmouth Mall in Dartmouth , Mass ? I can’t seem to get a true answer. Thank You

  16. Why have a SENIOR rate when it is the same as ADULT?
    Your prices are much more expensive than other theatres.

  17. The only reason I would think you would go up on the prices of your movies if you had beef up security because of the pass out come of crazy people wanting to shoot up a cinema. Which still does not make it right for prices to go up for our safety.

  18. Just discovered that AMC eliminated the pre-5 pm discounts and also raised their ticket prices to $10.29 in Bloomington Indiana (both theaters). The AMC in Columbus, Indiana is selling the same showing for $3.99. Wonder what justifies the big difference in cost? In any event, my first impression is that my preferred theater pricing is now non-competitive with Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other streaming offerings. Sorry to see them go.

  19. A couple months ago I took my 2 grand-kids and wife to see a Disney movie and paid less than $25. I was going today and the amount jump to over $45. You have lost me as a customer.

  20. Man yaw tripping I’m apart of a family of five and we go out to the movies as a family a couple times a year and every time we go were easily able to afford the cost of a ticket plus snacks.

    1. James you a punk ass thug. Maybe you deal dope and have a pocket full of cash but most folks cannot afford to take 4 to the movies. Tickets and concessions will set you back $75. I see everyone posting on here agrees with me except you punk.

      1. I agree with prices being high, when I use to take my 2 grandkids it would cost us $60, way to expensive for me since I’m on a budget. What happened to senior discount for the early movie? I check out other theatres for discounts. Plus the food is REALLY expensive. I started having my grandkids take a drink from home. It’s outrageous.

      2. tickets cost 7 to 19 dollars i got a large popcorn and a large drink and it only costed 22 dollars plus my uncle took me there

    2. If you only go a couple times a year its not so bad. But there used to be a time when families could go a couple times a month. I have 3 children under 12 with me and my husband that’s $60 before concessions. I have 7 year old twins and a 12 year old. Telling them they can’t have pop and popcorn when everyone around them is makes the trip not worth it. So add in overpriced pop and popcorn and your at over $100. That’s would buy a lot of groceries for my family who just gets by. Movies are a super rare treat for us. And I don’t think it makes us cheap. Just living in a broken America where the middle class is being squeezed down to lower middle and the rich just get richer. I’ve worked full time at the same job for 30 years and can’t even afford to take my kids to a movie much less a family vacation to Disney like my daughter been begging for. At least let me take her to a Disney movie for crying out loud

  21. They cancelled the discount nights because there money hungry scum bags that only care about them selves I also stoped going to amc and not cause I cant aford it but why wuld I pay 15 dollars to to watch a movie, just for my self when I can go to 4 star cinema 10 minutes away from my house and pay 15 dollars for my wife son and me amc is a rip off you guys shuld be ashamed of youre selfs

  22. why did you do away with senior discount on Tuesday in Philadelphia.ARE YOU STRAPPED THAT MUCH FOR MONEY

    1. You know what do what we,all did here in South Jersey.Go to Cinemark Theaters, there Tuesday day is only 5.00.If AMC wants to gouge on pricing go to the other chains, they will be gone and the theaters charging good pricing will grow.

  23. Why did you cancel Tuesdays senior discount price at the AMC Hoffman Center theater Alexandria Va

    1. Its not just the Hoffman Theater in Alexandria, its all AMC theaters. With no warning, the senior discount on Tuesdays disappeared. I think the execs at whoever owns AMC should take another look at their pricing. Isn’t it better to fill the seats at a lower price rather than have empty theaters?

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