B&B Theatres Backstage Pass

About B&B Backstage Pass Loyalty Program

B&B Backstage Pass is a loyalty program that awards customers points based on ticket and concession purchases. Benefits include discounts, special promotions such as birthday coupons, and access to exclusive events. Unlike many membership programs, points can be earned on alcohol and gift card purchases.

B&B Backstage Pass


Cost: Free ($0)

Points: 1 point for every $1 spent

Backstage Pass membership benefits include:

  • $5 voucher for every $100 spent
  • Free same day refills on large popcorns and sodas
  • $2 off tickets¬†and any size popcorn and soda on Tuesdays (some exclusions and blackout dates may apply)
  • Free #1 combo coupon on your birthday
  • Surprises and discounts sent directly to your email throughout the year


Points currently do not appear to have an expiration date as long as the membership is kept active. Earned Rewards are valid for 90 days from date of issuance, at which time they expire.

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