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Carmike Cinemas is one of the largest theater chains in the country and is often regarded as one of the most affordable cinemas as well. Carmike Cinemas ticket prices are often much lower compared to other theaters of similar size, but this doesn’t mean it sacrifices quality for affordability. Carmike’s strive for providing the best movie watching experience remains a top priority.

Below are latest Carmike theater prices:


Movies (evening)

Children (2-12)$7.90 - $8.30
Adult (13+)$9.30 - $9.90
Senior (60+)$7.50 - $8.60

Movies (afternoon)

Children (2-12)$6.50 - $7.60
Adult (13+)$5.80 - $6.75
Senior (60+)$6.50 - $$7.60

Movies (Tuesday*)

Children (2-12)$5.00
Adult (13+)$5.00
Senior (60+)$5.00

*only at participating Carmike Cinemas.

3D Movies (evening)

Children (2-12)$9.50 - $10.40
Adult (13+)$11.90 - $14.80
Senior (60+)$9.10 - $12.10


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3D Movies (afternoon)

Children (2-12)$9.10 - $10.50
Adult (13+)$9.30 - $10.20
Senior (60+)$9.10 - $10.70

3D Movies (Tuesday)

Children (2-12)$8.30 - $10.15
Adult (13+)$8.30 - $10.15
Senior (60+)$8.30 - $10.15

BIGD Movies (evening)

Children (2-12)$10.50 - $10.70
Adult (13+)$10.75 - $13.50
Senior (60+)$10.50 - $11.05

BIGD Movies (afternoon)

Children (2-12)$9.05 - $10.70
Adult (13+)$10.75 - $13.50
Senior (60+)$10.80 - $10.95

3D BIGD Movies (Tuesday)

Children (2-12)$7.50 - $10.50
Adult (13+)$7.50 - $10.50
Senior (60+)$7.50 - $10.50

IMAX (evening)

Children (2-12)$12.60 - $15.45
Adult (13+)$14.85 - $17.55
Senior (60+)$12.85 - $16.50

IMAX (afternoon)

Children (2-12)$11.36 - $14.65
Adult (13+)$11.35 - $13.35
Senior (60+)$11.35 - $15.55

IMAX (Tuesday)

Children (2-12)$10.15 - $13.65
Adult (13+)$10.65 - $13.85
Senior (60+)$10.15 - $13.85

3D IMAX (evening)

Children (2-12)$13.80 - $15.80
Adult (13+)$16.50 - $19.10
Senior (60+)$13.50 - $16.00

3D IMAX (afternoon)

Children (2-12)$12.90 - $15.30
Adult (13+)$14.00 - $17.40
Senior (60+)$13.50 - $15.50

3D IMAX (Tuesday)

Children (2-12)$10.60 - $13.60
Adult (13+)$10.60 - $13.60
Senior (60+)$10.60 - $13.60

Military Discounts

Military discounts are available at participating Carmike Cinemas. Please contact your local theater to be certain.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Prices were last updated on 15 March 2017.

History of Carmike Theatres

Carmike Cinemas Logo

Carmike officially began in 1982 and was founded by Carl L. Patrick Sr. right after he had acquired Martin Theatres. The name Carmike is derived from his two sons: Carl Patrick Jr. and Michael Patrick.

For quite a while, the theater chain remained as a simple local cinema, but it quickly grew to over 400 theaters due to its outstanding business practices.

Carmike acquired new screens and establish new theaters in as many places as possible, a tactic its main competitors were against. Cinemas like Cineplex and United Artists were focusing on fewer theaters that had more screens (multiplexes) and more amenities but Carmike pushed forward with rapid expansion.

By the 1990s Carmike had achieved the near-perfect viewing experiences it was looking for. At the time, many critics hailed Carmike as the best cinema to watch movies.

Unfortunately, misfortune fell on Carmike Cinemas as they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection by the year 2000. The company was in debt of over $650 Million and it also failed to make $9 Million to pay off interest credit to bondholders.

The company was forced to sell off many of its theaters, particularly those with fewer screens. Most of the surviving theaters have ten or more screens available. This fight against bankruptcy dropped the number of theaters from over 440 to just over 300.

Carmike eventually managed to recover out of bankruptcy in 2002 and started to purchase new screens and theaters. To this date, there are now over 250 Carmike theaters with over 2,500 screens. Making it one of the largest cinema chains in the country.

2009 saw CEO, Michael Patrick, leave the company as he was removed by the board of directors and replaced by David Passman III. During this transition, Carmike began plans of expansion, most of which would see fruition in 2011 to 2013.

In 2011 Carmike took a leap into IMAX. It acquired IMAX screens from its acquisition of several Rave Cinemas. The first deal gave Carmike seven IMAX screens to work with.  Another deal with Rave Cinemas in 2013 gave Carmike its eighth IMAX screen.

In 2014, Carmike was one of the first cinema companies to pull out showing of the movie The Interview (2014) after hackers put out terrorist threats to bomb any cinema that would show the movie. In a move to protect the public and the reputation of Carmike Cinemas, the movie was never to be shown on their screens.

Carmike Theatres Innovations

Carmike is one of the very first theater chains to make the switch to digital projection. While other theaters were still debating over the quality of film over digital filming, Carmike made the transition from 2005 to 2007, making the company one of the early adopters.

By 2013, 2,418 of their screens utilized digital technology. 954 of these were equipped to display Real-D 3D movies, making it one of the largest chains in the country to feature 3D film viewing.

How Much Do Carmike Theatre Tickets Cost?

Carmike is known for being one of the most affordable cinemas to visit in the country. You won’t be spending over $20 just to pay for a single ticket without concessions like popcorn and soft drinks. If you’re not sure how much their prices are in your area then you can always browse and purchase online.

You can check out the price of Carmike’s ticket prices in the table above, and then head directly to their website to purchase. Similarly, you can purchase tickets using your mobile phone and then simply show the e-ticket when you walk in. A system which many cinema chains have adopted in favor of going paperless.

Ticket Discounts

Discounts on the total cost of the tickets can be achieved through Carmike’s loyalty reward system. For every purchase you make, especially for movie tickets, you rack up points which can then be used later on for discounts and other promos offered by Carmike Cinemas.

For every purchase you make, especially for movie tickets, you rack up points which can then be used later on for discounts and other promos offered by Carmike Cinemas. Specifically, for every $1 you spend on tickets and concessions, you’ll receive 1 point.

Here are some of the rewards available:

Points RequiredReward
801 Small Popcorn
1601 Small Drink
2401 Medium Popcorn
3201 Free Ticket
4001 Small Popcorn
4801 Small Drink
5601 Large Popcorn or 2 Medium Drinks
6401 Free Ticket

You can sign up for Carmike’s loyalty program here.

Carmike Locations

There are many Carmike cinemas around the country, spread far and wide. Some of the most popular ones amongst them include:

  • Carmike 12 – Pottsgrove, PA
  • Carmike 15 – Columbus, GA
  • Carmike 16 – Center Valley, PA
  • Carmike 8 – Ardmore, OK
  • Carmike 20 – Fort Wayne, IN
  • Carmike 13 – Champaign, IL

Hundreds of thousands of avid movie-goers head to those cinemas each month. That’s a huge amount of popcorn being eaten!


Carmike Cinemas is a family friendly establishment focusing on providing quality movie experiences for everyone. Unlike many other chains aiming to increase ticket prices, Carmike’s prices remain relatively low allowing more and more people to enjoy going to the movies.

With over 250 theaters and 2,400 screens available, you can always count on a Carmike Cinema to be close by. Not only do they offer low prices for the latest blockbusters, Carmike is also known for showing small, independent films, so these theaters might be the only places you can watch limited-release movies.

For more information about Carmike, visit their official website.


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  1. Price of tickets, popcorn and cokes is getting ridiculous but when the theatre doesn’t provide heat on a cold day, I am done. I can watch a movie in the comfort of my home.

    1. Sorry to hear Patsy!

      Nothing’s worse than paying for an experience and not being comfortable.

      Have you contacted Carmike?

      MTP Staff

  2. My wife and I went to a Carmine theater Sunday the 22nd in Cookeville, TN. My wife wanted a small icee. The price was $6.50, we thought that was outrageous! ! Who pays $6.50 for a small icee, when you can buy the same thing for .69 cents at your local gas station. Your price needs to be adjusted down…

    Thank you,

    1. The answer is simple. It’s for guys with dates, and the girl insists on getting some kind of treat to go along with the movie. It’s not her money, and the outrageous price is exactly the point. She wants the date to overpay to prove that she’s worth the ripoff price.

  3. I can recall matinee costing 4.40 in the 1990s which matched exactly what I was getting paid per hour as a stock person at Altmeyer’ s Home store. The pay never changed the three years I worked there.

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