Goodrich Quality Theaters Rewards

About GQT Awards

GQT Rewards™ is a loyalty program free to join for those age 13 or over. Points are earned for every dollar spent on tickets and/or concessions, and can be redeemed for tickets, concessions, and Golden Gift Cards. Goodrich Quality Theaters Rewards points are not earned on purchases of gift cards, alcohol, party rooms or theater rentals.

GQT Rewards


Cost: Free ($0)

Points: 100 points for every dollar spent on tickets or concessions


  • 30% off any concession item between 4:00pm and 6:00pm, excluding alcohol
  • 15% off any concession item all other times, excluding alcohol
  • Free Small Popcorn when you sign up with a valid email address
  • Generous savings on tickets for movies playing on Tuesdays
  • Free Popcorn on your Membership Anniversary
  • Free Popcorn on your birthday
  • Free admission for up to 6 people to the GQT Mornings “spring,” summer” and “fall” series


  • Small Drink for 4,000 points
  • Small Freeze for 4,500 points
  • Medium Drink for 4,500 points
  • Aquafina Water for 4,500 points
  • Medium Freeze for 5,000 points
  • Large Drink for 5,000 points
  • Mini Popcorn for 5,000 points
  • Small Popcorn for 5,500 points
  • Medium Popcorn for 6,000 points
  • Large Popcorn for 6,500 points
  • Reel Combo 1 (Small Drink and Small Popcorn) for 9,000 points
  • Reel Combo 2 (Med. Drink and Med. Popcorn) for 10,000 points
  • Reel Combo 3 (Large Drink and Large Popcorn) for 11,000 points
  • Couples Medium Combo (2 Med. Drinks and 1 Med. Popcorn) for 14,000 points
  • Couples Large Combo (2 Large Drinks and 1 Large Popcorn) for 15,000 points
  • Golden Gift Card ($25 Gift Card) for 30,000


Points will be deducted from your account after 2 years. As you spend points, those first earned are the first burned.

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