Odeon Concession Prices and Nutrition Information

Since Odeon Cinemas is one of the most popular theater chains in the UK, we thought you might be interested in their concession prices and even nutrition information. In the table below you’ll find a general range of Odeon concession prices we were able to find. Prices were last updated in 2019.

Here’s a list of Odeon Cinemas concession prices:



Popcorn (Small)£4.00 - £4.50
Popcorn (Regular)£4.50 - £5.00
Popcorn (Large)£5.00 - £5.50
Popcorn Topping£1.00




Nachos£5.00 - £6.50
Hot Dog£5.00 - £6.00


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Soft Drink (Small)£3.00
Soft Drink (Regular)£3.25
Soft Drink (Large)£3.50
Frozen Drink (Small)£2.25
Frozen Drink (Regular)£4.25
Frozen Drink (Large)£5.00


The Classic (Regular Popcorn or Snack & Drink)£8.00
The Deluxe (Large Popcorn or Snack & Drink)£8.50
The Sharer (Large Popcorn or Snack, 1 Candy, 2 Large Drinks)£12.50
Kids Mix (Kids size Popcorn, Drink, and Candy)£3.95
Family Feast (Regular Popcorn, 2 Regular Drinks, 2 Kids Mixes)£11.00

Please note - not all food is available at all locations.

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the theater. Prices should only be used as a guide. Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

In case you are curious, prices have been sourced from a variety of locations including Odeon’s website, visitor feedback, and a range of photos posted online of their price boards in their cinemas.

Now the good news about Odeon Cinemas. You can bring in your own food! They’ll let you, as long as it’s not alcohol or anything with a strong smell.

Nutrition Info

Odeon Cinemas is customer conscious, and knows that people are interested in the nutritional value of the food they consume. Therefore they provide this information on their website, but we have also included it here for your convenience.

Odeon Nutrition
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