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About Regency Rewards

Regency Theatres appreciates its loyal patrons, and so they offer Regency Rewards! As a Regency Rewards member, you receive points on ticket and concession purchases at any Regency location.

Regency Theatres


Cost: Free ($0)

Points: Earn 10 points for each regular price adult ticket; 7 points for each child, senior, matinee or student ticket; 3 points for each ticket purchased at second-run theatres. 1 point for every $1 spent on concession purchases.


  • 50 points earns a free concession item priced $5 or less
  • 100 points earns a free companion ticket
  • 200 points earns a free movie ticket
  • Rewards repeat once member has earned 200 points


Once earned, rewards remain available for 60 days from the date earned. Any rewards unused after the 60 days will be forfeited.

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