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About the Regal Crown Club Loyalty Program

Regal Cinemas Crown Club is a free theatre chain loyalty program that identifies its rewards program by simply stating: Earn Credits; Choose Rewards. But there’s so much more! More choices. More rewards. And extra discounts and offers in their app.

Regal Crown Club

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Regal rewards customers for attending movies at participating locations, including all chains under their umbrella: Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theatre. Members earn credits when they purchase movie tickets and concessions. Then they can redeem their credits for rewards like admission tickets, concessions, and movie merchandise.

Other benefits that Regal offers throughout the year may include discounts, coupons, sweepstakes, special offers, and invitations to sneak previews of upcoming films at select Regal Theatres.

To make their loyalty program different from AMC’s, Regal only offers just one single, free tier (AMC Stubs has 3 tiers: free, paid, and frequent moviegoer club). However, the more movies you see in a year at Regal theatres, the faster you can earn rewards. Regal has what is called their Crown Jewel tiers, which are earned as you see more movies.

Crown Jewel Bonus Program

Jewel Statuses are earned with each visit to a Regal Theatre, and allow frequent moviegoers to earn even more rewards faster.

  • Emerald Status (6th visit): 250 bonus credits for every visit
  • Ruby Status (10th visit): 500 bonus credits for every visit
  • Diamond Status (20th visit): 1,000 bonus credits for every visit

Once a status is achieved, it is maintained for 12 months; but as you move to a higher status with additional visits, you would then maintain that tier for the next 12 months.

Crown Club Benefits/Rewards

Cost: Free ($0)

Credits: 100 credits for $1 spent on admission tickets or concessions

Credits may be redeemed for rewards in 3 ways:

  • The Online Regal Rewards Center offers exciting rewards, including concessions, admission tickets, sweepstakes entries, posters, apparel and merchandise
  • Regal App: Admission tickets and certain concessions rewards are available via the app
  • Point of Sale: Limited rewards (e.g., admission tickets, certain concessions rewards) are available at the box office or concession stand of Regal Theatres

Here is a list of the current movie ticket and concessions rewards available. Since we at Movie Theater Prices are all about getting the best deal, as you can see, redeeming your reward in the app or online allows you to get more for your rewards buck.

RewardIn the App or OnlineAt a Theatre
Soft Drink Upsize1,500 creditsnot available
Popcorn Upsize2,000 creditsnot available
Popcorn (Small)6,000 credits7,000 credits
Soft Drink (Small)7,000 credits8,000 credits
Movie Ticket (2D)18,000 credits20,000 credits
Movie T-shirts20,000 creditsn/a
Movie Ballcaps12,000 creditsn/a
Movie Posters & Prints500-3,500 creditsn/a
IMAX Posters58,000 creditsn/a
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Movie Merchandise Rewards

In addition to movie admission tickets and concessions, Regal Crown Club allows you to redeem your earned credits on a wide variety of other items. You can purchase t-shirts, ball caps, prints, posters, and figurines from current and recently released movies. Digital rewards include items such as music downloads, digital comics, and entries into sweepstakes. They even run sales on items for 50% or more off the original credit redemption price!

The movie merchandise rewards refresh regularly to offer items related to movies currently in theaters, so if you are eagerly anticipating an upcoming movie, it might be worth saving your credits for something unique to that movie! The rewards offered always vary by movie, and often have unique items related to the movie. For example, movies about pets might have pet-related rewards, and sci-fi movies might have technology-related rewards.

Credit and Reward Expiration

Credits expire one year from the date they are earned. Drink and popcorn rewards generally expire 60 days after redemption and movie rewards generally expire 90 days after redemption. Special limited time offers may have a shorter redemption window.

More About the Program

One way Regal sets themselves apart from their closest competition, AMC, is that in celebration of their loyalty, Regal awarded the top 2018 Crown Club members from each theatre location nationwide with an exclusive custom card skin in the Regal mobile app, as well as the opportunity to earn 1,500 bonus credits and a free small popcorn weekly in 2019. These are just some of the many ways Regal thanks their most loyal moviegoers for making Regal the best place to watch movies.

Regal’s top Crown Club member in 2018 averaged 26 visits monthly (a total of 316 movies) to Riverview Plaza IMAX & RPX in Philadelphia, PA (and preferred Junior Mints from Regal concessions). Stated Ken Thewes, CMO at Regal. “As we thank our loyal, avid moviegoers for 2018, we are excited about another blockbuster year at the movies in 2019 with more opportunities to recognize our members of the industry’s leading loyalty program.” Can’t wait to see how they reward their top attendees of 2019 next year!

For a full list of top Crown Club winners by location, please visit

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